10 Reasons Why You Should Look for Vietnamese Mail Order Brides


Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: A Proposal of a Different Kind

When looking for a mail order bride, every male should consider a Vietnam girl for marriage. Men who travel to Vietnam discover many reasons to consider Vietnamese mail order brides of which the following ten are just a few.


Vietnamese girls grow under the influence of Buddhist theology and Confucian philosophy. Marriage is more than an institution of Vietnamese girls, marriage is a promise, which once broken, can never be forgiven. If a man is concerned about a chosen bride cheating in the future, he can set that issue aside by marrying a Vietnamese single girl. For the Vietnamese bride, loyalty is a matter of principle.


Despite an emphasis in the Vietnamese culture that women be obedient, women are not considered to be the weaker sex. In a community, women assume a large portion of responsibility for family income. Work is not a stranger to the Vietnamese girl who has learned the value of productivity during her youth.


In the Vietnamese culture, the family is the center of life. The concept of family over self comes from ancient Confusion philosophy. The consideration of the “other” before the “self” grows within girls from an early age. The respect for family travels with Vietnamese mail order brides no matter where in the world they may find a husband.


Another of the attributes of Vietnamese singles, no matter their sex, is the importance of truth. The Vietnamese culture is immensely influenced by the Buddhist religion and systems of belief. Truth is a sacred tenet of Buddhism. No one who marries a Vietnamese mail order bride need worry about her lying or conniving.


From the time they can walk, Vietnamese girls learn the value of food. They learn that cooking is the method by which they show their love for their family. For the pleasure of the palate, every man should sample the cooking of a Vietnamese girl before considering a bride from any other culture.


Marrying a girl from the Vietnamese singles scene means that the eloquence of manners speaks softly in your home. Vietnamese girls speak softly, only look their husbands in the eye, and bow, both physically and mentally, to the rights of the other.


Vietnamese girls are taught to avoid bringing attention to themselves. Demure and culturally defined to place the other first, these ladies will not insult anyone by word or deed.


Vietnamese girls are taught the value of their femininity from an early age. In the Vietnamese culture, femininity demands that girls practice self-sacrifice and respect for others. Conversely, they must also maintain an alluring look and a strong work ethic.


Vietnamese girls are schooled in modesty almost to the point of self-deprecation. Credit for achievements is, almost always, deflected to their husbands or other members of their family. They do not boast or talk about themselves unless requested to do so.


The final thing to consider when seeking a Vietnamese girl for marriage is her beauty. The vision of a Vietnamese lady demands attention. Her slender and petite figure, her sensuous dark velvety skin, her wealth of long dark hair and her luminescent brown eyes, draw the eyes of men.

Men who are looking for companionship through life should consider a Vietnamese girl for marriage. The benefits are immense.

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