3 Things to consider when booking accommodation for business travel

Every time we see those business men and woman lined up in their suits at the airport we sigh and think oh their life must be so glamorous. They are probably going to meet some world leader or attending a ritzy fashion show in Paris. However that couldn’t be further from the truth (unless in fact you are meeting a world leader!) Regular rovers know that while the all expenses dinners and jet setting to exotic locations are exciting – life doesn’t stop. Your workload doesn’t disappear and for most of the trip it’s meeting after meeting, leaving little time to explore anything other than the four walls of a boardroom. Business travel can also be stressful, especially if you have been trusted with handling all the accommodation bookings. Your boss may want you to select the cheapest hotel on the dingiest street, but you may have other (more expensive) options in mind. There are many points to consider when choosing accommodation for your trip, that regardless of price, will make you jaunt more streamlined and hassle free. If you’re boss needs a little extra persuasion for a nicer joint, these three considerations will push him towards booking the hotel you desire.

Is the location convenient?

The most important factor to consider when organising your hotel is location. If the clients you are meeting are situated in the main city district and you’re hotel is on one of the outer suburbs or near the airport, you aren’t doing yourself any favours. Not only will you face the pressure of navigating public transport or peak hour traffic but you’ll risk making it to your meetings on time especially if you haven’t been to the destination before. Other factors may include local shops, restaurants, or medical services. Save your sanity by booking a room close to your clients.

Does the hotel have all the facilities you require?

You might think that a place to lay your head will do the job, but what happens when you need to do some last minute touch ups on your power point presentation and realise that you have to pay $50 to use the hotel Wi-Fi. Ok, so not all hotels will charge that much, but during my travels there have been a few special ones that thought they would be smart by jacking up the price of internet. Think of what you need; is it a stable and cheap Wi-Fi connection? Or do you require a board room or secretarial services? Incorporate this into your decision making process when placing a reservation for a room.

Do you need a travel management company?

There is generally a time and place for a travel management company, but during a business trip, they are highly relevant and useful. If you don’t have the time to scour through endless hotel or special deal websites, a travel solutions business can help. The more reputable companies usually have established core relationships with a variety of accommodation providers all over the world and can offer you a heavily discounted rate. While they are busy organising your housing, they can find organise your flights, transfers and reduce your carbon emissions if you really like. We found that FCm Travel Solutions is a great provider of these aforementioned services, check them out at www.au.fcm.travel.

Do you regularly travel for business? Tell us your tips for reducing travel costs in the comments below.

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