4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cruise

If you are looking for something a little different for this year’s holiday, you may be considering one of the many last minute cruise deals there are available.  However, if you have never been on a cruise before, you may be looking for something information about getting the most out of the experience.  In the following post we look at that very subject with a list of our tips that will help you to have as great a holiday as possible.

Arrive the Night Before

It may sound like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many people miss their boat every year because they did not allow enough time to get to the port before the boat leaves.  Even if bas weather, delayed flights or trains or anything else that can cause you to be late doesn’t stop you from getting on the boat, do you really want to be starting your holiday off stressed?  By driving, flying or getting the train to the port city, you not reduce your stress levels but add an extra day to your holiday.

Eat When and Where You Want To

Allow it is still the standard on most of the main cruise liners to have meals at the same time as everyone else, if you are not a big fan of having small talk while trying to enjoy a meal, you should look at the alternatives available.  If your ship is docking at a port late, you could go off and have a meal on your own, maybe something native.  To avoid eating breakfast with all and sundry you could order room service, and for lunch you could have a picnic on your balcony.

Stay On Your Cruise Ship

Although you may want to experience the delights of many of the countries and cities that your liner makes port calls at, the truth is that you do not ever really have enough time to explore them properly.  What’s more, the price is exceptionally high for booking land excursions.  Not only will you avoid quarter of a day on a stuffy tour bus, most facilities on your cruise ship will still be open meaning you have more peace and quiet to make use of them.

Make Sure You Get a Spa Pass

Now we aren’t suggesting that you have to pay extortionate prices.  But, normally if you ask at the desk of the spa you should be able to pay a small price for a pass that will enable you to use their facilities, which could include heated tiled loungers, thalassotherapy pools, steam rooms and many other relaxing and luxurious things.  What’s more, if you use the spa on port days, you could find yourself on your own.

Although frequent cruise passengers will tell you that there is a certain amount of trial and error to having the best experience, we hope that the above tips give you a head start to making it the dream holiday you really want.

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