5 Reasons to visit El Gouna in Egypt

Egypt is one of my favourite places in the world to visit, as the country offers so much with regards to sun, beaches, history and food. One location that is definitely worth exploring is El Gouna, otherwise known as the Red Sea Riviera.
This self-contained town is located on the Red Sea and offers holidaymakers like you and me the chance to hit the beach all year round. Here are five reasons why El Gouna should be the next location you visit.

All-year destination

It can be hard to find somewhere to go if you’re keen on heading abroad out of season and still want long days of sunshine. But in Egypt, it rarely ever gets cold, especially in El Gouna. Even if you travelled here in the winter, typical temperatures rarely drop below 17 degrees C, so while you may not want to go running into the sea at this time, you can still enjoy very pleasant conditions.

Sun worshippers should come here in the summer when temperatures can reach as much as 33 degrees C – you may catch the rays you’ve been waiting for, but you’ll also need to spend considerable amounts of time in the shade as well!

Lie on the beach

The aim of most sunny breaks is to hit the beach at some point during your luxury holiday on the Red Sea. El Gouna is situated on a 10 km beach so you’ll be able to get your fair share of sunbathing done here.

It is also surrounded by lots of islands and lagoons, so you could head out to one of the isles one day and lie on the beaches there. The turquoise waters are incredibly inviting and I challenge anyone to visit and not want to instantly jump in them – particularly during the boiling hot months.

Try some new sports

Beach holidays aren’t all about lying on the sand (although this can be tempting) and there are several opportunities to try new sports while staying in El Gouna. The town has all the amenities and leisure facilities you could want from a holiday, so much so that you may sometimes feel it is a home away from home – if you’re home is in a beautiful, sunny location, that is.

Something I love to do with my travelling buddies is play a team sport, such as a game of tennis, as this always gets us laughing and having a good time. Or, you could try your hand at golf (if you’re not an amateur or professional already).

As El Gouna is by the water, it’d be a shame not to try some of the sea-based activities available here, from open-sea fishing to scuba diving. You could also hop on a yacht and explore the region by boat – the town is known as the Red Sea Riviera after all.

Live luxuriously

There is nothing better than spoiling yourself when you go away and one thing I love to do is hit a spa and get a few pampering treatments. Well, you can do this in El Gouna, so your trip will be even more relaxing.

It is also home to a variety of high-quality restaurants, so make sure you dine locally at some points during your stay – even if you have booked into an all-inclusive hotel. This will give you a chance to try authentic Egyptian cuisine, and really get a taste for Middle Eastern cooking!

Take a trip

If, like me, you like to explore other destinations when on holiday, you’ll love heading to El Gouna, as it is conveniently located so you can visit other well-known Egyptian sites.

You should definitely go into the desert for a couple of days and stay with the Bedouin. There’s nothing quite as special as finding out how this nomadic group lives day in, day out – and the camel treks will certainly make for memorable and hilarious experiences!

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