6 Top Attractions in Kendal

Kendal is an amazing town with much to offer. If you are planning a visit, you are sure to find something that will excite you.

From the historic buildings to the lovely countryside, there is something in Kendal for everyone. The town offers a number of shopping arcades as well as two museums, two castles and a host of fine dining opportunities.

Here are a few attractions that you will certainly not want to miss:

1.       Abbot Hall Art Gallery

Whether you are a fine art connoisseur or you simply enjoy looking at galleries from time to time, Abbot Hall should certainly make your list of things to do. It is located near the Lake District and offers works of art that are world renowned.

The gallery is located in a Georgian villa and offers educational activities and lectures that allow you to learn more about the art and the artists.

2.       Friends Meeting House

Friends Meeting House offers in Kendal offers something for everyone. There are gift shops, tapestry tearooms, workshops and so much more. The Quaker Tapestry is found in the Friends Meeting House and the Tapestry is a celebration of the ideals of the Quakers since they began in 1652.

If you enjoy history or if you simply love to view the culture of historical religions, this is a must for your itinerary.

3.       Brewery Arts Centre

The first Brewery in Highgate, Kendal gained its licensing in 1758 and a new brewery was constructed in the old Wilson House gardens. The history of the brewery is an interesting tale of culture and it is certainly something that you want to visit.

The last brew in the brewery was produced in 1968 and now it is a historical site. Take the day to visit and learn more about the history of the first brewery, and how others came about throughout the years.

4.       Sizergh Castle and Gardens

Sizergh Castle and Gardens is a must for anyone who enjoys a look into ancient architecture. The medieval home was constructed during the Middle Ages, and it was extended during the Elizabethan Era.

You can view the historical oak-panelled rooms, fine furniture and antiques that have accumulated over the centuries. The gardens include a rock garden and two lakes, and just a short walk will take you to a breathtaking view of the Lake District and Morecambe Bay.

5.       Lake District National Park

Just inside Cumbria is the Lake District National Park. The park offers a number of lakes as well as mountains, valleys and quaint villages with all the modern amenities that you need for a wonderful stay.

Enjoy fine dining at traditional cafes, or simply take the day to photograph the lovely countryside. The park offers many activities including walks and hikes, cycle paths and many water sports.

6.       South Lakes Wild Animal Park

If you are keen on seeing wildlife, you can do so at South Lakes Wild Animal Park. Located just inside Cumbria, the park gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal, safely of course, with a number of exotic animals.

You can stand on the raised deck and offer foliage to giraffes, or simply view the animals in their natural habitat. This is a must for any animal lover; particularly those who love to view exotics.

You will simply never be at a loss for things to do in Kendal and there are many other attractions and amenities that will suit your personal taste. Take the time to explore the region or simply relax and view the lovely countryside.

You simply cannot go wrong with whatever activities you select when visiting Kendal.

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