Accommodation when travelling to the Middle East

As the number and variety of business opportunities in the Middle East continue to grow, the market for accommodation aimed at business travellers is also experiencing major growth. This means there are more options than ever available to people travelling in the region for work purposes. Some individuals, who find they are spending more and more time in the region, are even investing in accommodation in the long term, providing both a base for them to use personally as well as a sound investment in an area experiencing an exciting evolution.

Popular Cities

These are some cities in the region that, thanks to their business-focus, are some of the most popular among business travellers.

  • The city has become an important centre for business, with an economy based on real estate, tourism and financial services. It provides a convenient base from which to explore the region, including Kuwait and Oman, and a range of accommodation from the most luxurious hotels to backpacker hostels, by way of numerous mid-range options.
  • Abu Dhabi. As capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the country‚Äôs political centre and generates more than half of its GDP, making it an important location in the business world. Like Dubai, while it appears to specialise in luxury, reasonably priced options can also be found, particularly out of tourist season.
  • The capital and largest city of Qatar, with a relatively large population and home to its government. Perhaps not so well known as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Doha is relatively good value when it comes to property and real estate.

Short Term vs. Long Term

Choosing the right accommodation is critical if you want to be sure of being in the best possible condition, mentally and physically, to do business after a long journey. Short-term accommodation can provide speed and convenience, and it is possible to enjoy genuine luxury in the region for relatively competitive prices. That said, it might pay to consider more long-term options.

Purchasing a property in the region will not only provide a personal base, it also has the potential to be a profitable investment. Individuals like Fahad Al-Rajaan have been instrumental in helping the booming real estate market in the region grow. Al-Rajaan himself has a number of property developments in the area that could be used by people moving to the region, either as a base for themselves or as buy-to-let accommodation, providing you the opportunity to earn back on the investment even when you are not in the area. You can connect to Fahad Al-Rajaan to get more information on investing in this region.

Investing in the Future

Travel to the Middle East is becoming increasingly common for people in the business world, as industry in the region continues to evolve at a dramatic rate. Business travel is not always as glamorous or as comfortable as expected, so it pays to think carefully about accommodation if you want to make sure you are in the best condition to do business. Short-term accommodation might be sufficient for many people but if you are planning to travel in the region regularly, you may want to consider making a longer-term investment that could yield financial benefits as well as local convenience.

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