Aerial adventures in the UK

Nothing quite compares to the view you get when you’re airborne. You don’t have to go on a commercial jet to far-flung destinations to enjoy such an experience, however, as there are plenty of aerial adventures in the UK, from aerobatic flights and hot air balloon rides to skydiving and gliding.

Aerobatic flights

Learn how to perform daredevil stunts like loop the loops and tail chasing on an aerobatic flight lesson. These experiences take place in classic planes like the Cessna 150 and World War 2 Chipmunk, giving Top Gun fans the chance to fly as a passenger or get behind the controls.

Aerobatic flights are available across the UK, typically where there’s plenty of countryside to fly over. Competitions like the British National Aerobatic Championships in Cambridgeshire are held at popular light aircraft bases.

Hot air ballooning

A hot air balloon ride is the aerial adventure for you if you fancy a picnic at 2,000 feet! Plenty of these kinds of experiences come with a glass of champagne once you’re airborne, making them ideal for a special occasion or celebration.

You can float above the trees in a wicker basket from locations all over the UK, but the South West is particularly popular. This is due to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, which started in 1979 and sees world class balloonists take to the skies.

Sightseeing flights

A sightseeing flight is the ideal way to get a bird’s eye view of fascinating UK cities and countryside. Strap in as a passenger on a helicopter or aeroplane flight and marvel at the areas of outstanding beauty and historic sights you can fly over.

London is a popular location for helicopter sightseeing, while the stunning natural scenery of the Lake District makes a perfect view for a sightseeing aeroplane flight.


Powerless flight is fast becoming a favourite hobby for many enthusiasts, with gliders taking centre stage. Gain height and then take in breathtaking views as the cable is released and you begin your descent alongside your instructor.

Glider experiences are available all over the country, from York right down to Devon. Surrey is a particularly popular spot for these tranquil rides.

Skydiving and parachuting

To get the ultimate adrenaline rush, jump out of a plane! Skydiving and parachuting are ideal for thrill seekers who want to feel the air rushing past their bodies. One of the most daring of adventure days out, this exhilarating activity is available at various locations throughout the UK.

The British Parachute Association is based in Leicester and there are plenty of opportunities to take part in the sport in the Midlands, as well as the South West, North and South East. You can even jump with an instructor on a tandem skydive from 12,000 feet.

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