Alternative Ways to See the World without Paying for Flights

Heading off to see the world is an exciting thought but the price of airline tickets can be enough to put anyone off the idea of exploring the planet.

Thankfully there are some alternative ways of seeing the world which you might not have thought of before now.

Go Caravanning

If you want to travel without losing any of your home comforts then nothing beats getting into a caravan and heading off to wherever you want to go to. This is probably the finest way of travelling for independent minded people and for families who want to save money and have an unforgettable trip at the same time. Bear in mind that you need to buy separate caravan insurance if you’re planning a caravan trip! It is one of the most budget conscious ways of travelling long distances as you don’t need to pay for hotel bills or restaurant meals.

Get a Boat

You could take boats and ferries to get around but this would probably work out as expensive as taking planes anyway. Far more exciting is the idea of getting your own boat and exploring the Earth’s oceans and seas independently. The majority of the world’s most interesting cities are on or near the water, so you certainly shouldn’t feel limited by this form of travel. It would involve a hefty initial outlay for the vessel but after that you could relax and enjoy one of the best ways of seeing different countries.

Take the Train

There is something so wonderfully romantic and old fashioned about making long journeys on a train. There are some amazing lines scattered across the globe but it is seen as a cheap way to travel in some countries so not all of your trips would be luxurious and expensive with waiter service and wood panelled cabins.

Get the Bus

Bus services are common all over the planet and in a lot of countries they are the cheapest form of public transport as well. Not all of them are equally comfortable, though. If you find yourself in Latin America or some parts of Asia you could be in for some long and difficult trips this way, while in some other regions such as North America you might find the long journeys on straight, even roads a touch dull after a while.


Hitchhiking is generally looked upon as being an extremely brave form of travelling which only suits certain people. It is certainly far more widely accepted in some parts of the world than in others, so your success rate will largely depend upon where you plan to do it. Solo travellers should also consider the safety aspect of doing this. You will certainly save money travelling this way but you could also have some long hours standing beside the road and might have to compromise on the choice of places you end up seeing. You will also have to learn the local rules and regulations which determine where you can and can’t hitch a lift.



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