Asking for Gluten Free Abroad

If you are like the vast majority of people, you will undoubtedly love travelling abroad.  One of the biggest attractions to travelling overseas is the promise of mouth-watering and tasty food specific to that particular country or city.  It is one thing to have a bowl of pasta or a curry in Britain, but it’s another thing to try the same dishes in the countries from which they originate.  Now for most people this is not much of a worry, but for people with coeliac disease it is not so easy.  As well as having the problem of finding suitable places to eat that cater for your strict gluten-free diet, if you are not fluent in the language of that country you may also have trouble in asking and understanding if a particular restaurant has a gluten-free diet or not.  In the following article we will discuss some great tips to ensure that your holiday is not ruined by the language barrier.

It may seem straight forward and common sense, but it’s important to work out the type of foods you can and can’t eat.  If you are heading abroad for your holiday, make sure that you pack some gluten-free food in your luggage.  By having essentials such as gluten-free snacks, biscuits and breads to hand it means that when you arrive at your destination you do not need to panic about finding gluten-free food as soon as you check into your hotel.  A good idea when travelling abroad of course would be to find the contact details of the coeliac association for the particular country you are travelling to and ask for their expert advice about your eating out options.

When dealing with the language barrier, has a very good solution.  Just as there are phrase books and dictionaries available in a wide selection of languages that can help you to converse with people you meet while on holiday, it is important to know the right way to explain your gluten-free requirements in a foreign language., via the German Coeliac Society has made available an ingenious way to get the very best dining experience.  It is a note to the chef of the eatery you are visiting that explains exactly what it means to have coeliac disease and how this affects your diet.  It also asks the chef politely that they point you in the direction of food and meals on the menu that would be suitable, or if that isn’t possible, whether they could prepare one of their dishes and alter it so it meets your dietary requirements.  It is available in a wide selection of languages and would obviously avoid any unnecessarily embarrassing situations.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip abroad or already have one booked, then you need not worry about where you are going to eat.  Instead of dread and anxiety you can feel excited and relaxed about your holiday, knowing you will be able to explain your situation and still enjoy delicious food.

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