Autumn camping: The best UK destinations to pitch a tent this fall

Taking a break from everyday life and enjoying the autumn countryside is something many of us look forward to. And why wouldn’t you? With an abundance of open spaces, fresh air, stunning landscapes and historical landmarks,the countryside has a lot to offer.
As a true lover of all things country, I thought it best to dust off the tent and get outta enjoy the changing autumn foliage and cooler climates that are made for keeping snug in a sleeping bag.

As unpredictable as the British summer can be, autumn’s weather can be just as fickle– so ensure you have the right clothes to keep you warm, comfy and looking every bit the happy camper. Barbour clothing do some great jackets for tackling the post-summer chills. I’m quite tempted to treat myself to a hooded waxed jacket to stay stylish this autumn in one of my chosen destinations.

Franham, Surry

Farnham is a quaint old English market town with some gorgeous examples of Georgian architecture lining the narrow streets. It’s a great place to visit and enjoy attractions, both old and modern, or to escape to the country and sit in enchanting gardens and local taverns enjoying some home-made grub.

A great place to pitch-up is Mellow Farm. However, it closes by October so be quick if you do want to stay here. There are three campsites, all of which have fires and are close to the river Wey. If you can’t make it this autumn, I recommend trying next year.


Autumn is a great time to visit Cornwall as a whole host of harvest activities take up the social calendar. This year, a food festival runs to the 13th October with themed events such as a beer festival, celebrity chef week and chill cooking classes. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with other country lovers or go shopping in the town centre where you can pick up an array of men’s country clothing, ladies fashion and tasty farmers market treats.

There are a lot of sites to choose from in Cornwall that offer year round accommodation –try for a full selection.

West Middlewick Farm, Devon

Open all year round, West Middlewick farm is a working dairy farm that houses a large flock of animals, some of which you can feed or even milk. The site offers a range of accommodation for all holiday makers, and if camping in autumn sounds a little too gruelling for you, why not try ‘glamping’? A slightly more luxurious camping experience, glamping can be a little more forgiving should you find yourself stuck in bad weather.

So those are my top choices, which hopefully you’ve found useful. I’m off to pack my bags – best make sure I have something to toast over the open fire.

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