Choose a Holiday in the Bahamas for Excitement, Relaxation and Gambling

The Bahamas, known as one of the world’s most popular  holiday destinations, is an archipelago with long white tranquil beaches, crystal clear shorelines and world famous coral reefs. It is often the holiday destination of the rich and famous, but there is no reason why you should not take a trip yourself. Even though it is a long flight from Europe, a trip to the Bahamas is something everyone should experience once!

How to Relax in the Bahamas

One of the best things about a holiday in the Bahamas is the weather. From September to May the climate is refreshing but still warm, while during the summer the temperature rises and peaks over 30 degrees. The water temperature stays at a constant 27 degrees nearly all year round. As the Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands it is unsurprising that there are a great many water-based activities. From diving, game fishing, to kayaking, staying on the water is one of the best ways to see the beautiful scenery. Holidaymakers can also make the most of the Bahamas island structure by going island hopping. This is a popular activity for tourists, as each island has its own distinct culture. Just a short boat ride can bring a whole new set of experiences.

Food and Drink

What you’ll eat during your stay at the Bahamas is again influenced by its island structure. Seafood, in particular, is very popular. The national dish is called conch, which is a deep-fried mollusk eaten with rice and peas. But if seafood isn’t your thing, don’t worry. It’s easy to find British or America food throughout the Bahamas. In terms of drinks, rum is one of the classic drinks associated with the wider Caribbean and it is no less so in the Bahamas. There are many different varieties of rum which can be found at surprisingly low prices. Other people may prefer cocktails or an ice-cold beer when relaxing on the expansive beaches. However you choose to enjoy yourself, the Bahamas is set up to provide luxurious experience.

Casinos in the Bahamas

A lesser-known fact about the Bahamas is that it is one of the best places to gamble in the world. It is home to the fantastic Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, a beautiful setting that offers fabulous gambling opportunities. The casino at the Atlantis Resort is high-end and houses a great many slots and table games. The other two large casinos are at Cable Beach and Grand Bahama in Lucaya. Whether you like roulette, baccarat or black-jack, everything is catered for in the Bahamas. So, if you are planning to spend some money in one of these high-end casinos, it might be worth getting some practice in first at a great online casino. The slots at intercasino will certainly give you the experience you need before your holiday.

If you do visit the Bahamas, think about also spending some time at these fantastic casinos. Holidaymakers don’t often consider gambling during their break, but with world-leading casinos like these, you’ll only regret not paying them a visit!

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