Cruise Holidays for Singles & Solo Travellers?

Traditionally cruise holidays were extremely expensive so the only people that could afford to go on a cruise where wealthy couples and retirees. However today cruises are a lot more affordable and cater to the needs of young and old, couples and singles. In this article we explore what a solo traveller can enjoy on a cruise.

On Board Entertainment
Cruise ships today are like floating cities, offering a wide range of entertainment options. The majority of cruise ships will have an outdoor and indoor swimming pool available and usually also a Jacuzzi type pool and foot pools too. There may also be wave machines and water slides to enjoy too. Nearly all cruise ships will have a spa on board where you can enjoy a massage, treatments and saunas as well.

A selection of pools on board the Liberty of the Seas

For those who like sports, cruise ships tend to organise sporting events and competitions where you can participate in team sports. This may include volleyball, netball, badminton, tennis, golf and more. This is a great way to meet new people as well as getting fit.

There is generally a cinema on board most cruise ships offering a combination on new and older films catering to all tastes. In the evenings there are also a number of theatres which offer shows too. Other entertainment options include gyms, arcades, casinos and more.

On Board Shopping and Facilities
There are also a wide range of shopping options on board cruise ships too which include everything from fashion to jewellery, bags to electrical items and gadgets – even souvenirs are available to buy. These shops cater to all budgets from luxury items to more affordable products. Other facilities include hair dressers and tanning booths amongst others.

The Royal Promenade on board the Navigator of the Seas

Although most cruise accommodation is designed for two or more passengers with twin or double cabins, some cruise ships offer low single supplements for solo travellers, or some waiver the supplements altogether for single people. The most affordable accommodation is an inside cabin which doesn’t offer windows or private outdoor space. However other cabin options are available if you are willing to pay more.

When cruise ships are in port, they offer a range of cruise excursions to allow you to see the local sights and scenery. These are ideal for meeting new peoples. Royal Caribbean Cruises for example offer cruises to 233 worldwide destinations with excursions ranging from adventure tours to water sports, cuisine tours to city tours and wildlife tours.

With so much on offer, cruising is now a popular holiday option for single and solo travellers or all ages.

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