Dating advice for travellers

It’s been three years since I first met my boyfriend’s eyes across a crowded dance floor on the Greek island of Kos. And after a few difficult years of conducting our relationship over a long distance we’ve finally moved in together. It was certainly worth the wait.

But falling for someone whilst travelling can’t always have our dream ending. There are a whole series of possible complications – some of which nearly did break us apart. Here are a few choice pieces of advice for dating on your travels…


A scene set for romance 

So why do so many people have holiday romances or come back effectively married to someone they met on their travels?

Well first, the setting certainly helps. You’ll probably be among stunning landscapes in perfect weather – where better to conduct a love scene? Also, according to research, you’re more likely to be physically attracted to someone if you experience high adrenaline levels with them – like riding a rollercoaster.

And what could be more exciting than travelling, where each day is a new adventure. Also, the social element of travelling means you are meeting tons of new people. Statistically that means you are so much more likely to form a romantic attachment.

Don’t mistake homesick for love sick

It’s really important to realise the above points before you leave and be wary of them. They may trick you into thinking you’ve fallen for someone when in reality you’re just homesick and looking for emotional support. For this reason be very careful when you have strong feelings for someone you meet and move slowly.

Travelling together

If you find yourself travelling with someone you’re attracted to or semi-dating there are a few points to bare in mind. First remember that travellers can be very fickle, so try not to become too attached. Also, keep to your own agenda and don’t make big decisions in order to stay with your new flame. Travelling should be about your experience, dictated by you and not the people you’re with.

Parting ways

If you do have to part ways, make sure to stay in touch and keep each other up to date on your movements. Who knows, you might find each other again in another corner of the world. The travelling community is not large.

Getting home

If it is at all practical to resume the relationship once you’re home – ie there are not miles of sea between you and you share a country if not a city, again move with caution. Assess how you feel around them away from the excitement and vulnerability of the traveller’s mindset.

If you endure all of these tests, meeting someone on your travels could be the start of a happy life together. If not, why not look for someone to date in your local area? Websites such as are a good place to start.

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