Emigrating? 3 Reasons To Take Your Pet With You Keep The Entire Family Together On Your New Start


If you’re heading overseas but are wondering what the future holds abroad for your pet, here are three great reasons to make sure you take the trip together.

The draw of warm weather and a better quality of life are likely reasons that over 320,000 Brits choose to emigrate every year. Whether you’re retiring to a picturesque villa in Spain or moving to the States for the tech job of your dreams, there’s every reason to look beyond the UK for a new start.

But who will you be taking with you? Whilst having your family with you is a certainty, unfortunately some don’t have the same attitude towards bringing their pets with them. Some pet owners are concerned about the journey involved, others about the perceived costs involved. But what about the emotional cost of leaving man’s best friend behind? Here are three reasons to take your pet with you when you relocate overseas.

Part Of The Family

When you bring your pet home, particularly a cat or a dog, they immediately become part of the family. To tear the family up when you relocate, would be absolutely heartbreaking to all involved. Some pets end up in shelters to be rehomed, but the lack of knowledge about where they end up can be very unsettling to you, and extremely distressing to them. Others may give a pet to another family that they trust, which is a better option, but would still leave you missing your furry friend dreadfully.

Separation Anxiety

It is most distressing of course to your pet, who has built an incredible bond with you, keeping your feet warm when he lays across you and accompanying you on many a walk to the park. Their lack of understanding about where you’ve gone and when you’ll be coming back to retrieve them can cause separation anxiety, which is a very real condition in animals. Physical symptoms in dogs range in severity; minor signs of separation anxiety include urination, defecation, barking, howling and chewing, while major displays include panting, pacing and even coprophagia which involves defecating and then immediately eating the faeces. All of these are a sign that your pet is distressed and missing you.

Easy To Relocate Your Pets

If the reason holding you back from taking your pet overseas with you, is because you think that it might be too difficult or costly, then you’ll be pleased to know that its actually quite straightforward. The strict welfare regulations that are in place are not to make it difficult for you to transport a pet, but to ensure that your animal is kept comfortable and safe during the journey.

A pet relocation service can guide you through the process, which will involve liaising with your vet and getting bloodwork, parasite treatment and certificates to travel. They will also offer advice as to whether you should aim to get your pet booked on the same flight as you. For example, it might be better to travel separately if quarantine is required.

With 4 million domestic pets taking flights each year, there are plenty of reasons to make sure that one of them is yours. Enjoy your new start while keeping the entire family together!

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