Enjoy a good nights sleep at the Ibis hotel just like these bunnies

How do you test how comfortable and luxurious a hotel room is and whether or not you will have a good night’s sleep in that hotel room?  The answer is, let several cuddly bunnies into a room and allow them the chance to find the most comfortable place in the room.  This is exactly what Ibis hotels did for their latest advert and I have to admit that I totally fell in love with the lovely, furry creatures.  They wander in; check out the room and all its many charms.  I thought it was very cute seeing the little rabbit yawn as he entered the hotel room, as that is what I am like after a day out sightseeing or at a business conference.

Maybe I am too easily sold to, maybe I am a bit of a softie, but, show me a video of a yawning rabbit and another rabbit checking themselves out in the mirror before they join their buddies on a comfy bed and yes I am sold that it must be a very comfortable bed in a very comfortable hotel room.  The beautiful music sounds like a lullaby that is encouraging the rabbits to find the bed and settle down for a nap.  Sung wonderfully by Richard Hawley, I can just imagine how good it felt when the rabbits cuddled together and settled on the bed.

Before you try to say I’m crazy, I think it is a very hard hearted person indeed who doesn’t look at some pretty and furry rabbits and doesn’t say “Awww I want one of those!” and who similarly doesn’t see a nicely made and luxurious looking bed and doesn’t think “Awww I really need to lie on that and sleep for the next 12 hours!”  I think you will agree that the image of a bunny and a bed conjures up soft clouds, dreams and a good long sleep.  If you have never stroked a rabbit before, do so and you will see what I mean.  If you have stroked a rabbit before, then you know exactly what I am talking about!



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