Enter the New Year in Style

If you, like many others, believe the world will end on the 21/12/2012 because of the ancient Mayans Long Court Calendar coming to an abrupt end,then this article may not interest you…

However if you are like me, and refuse to believe in a 5,000 year old calendar, then you will be eagerly anticipating New Year’s Eve celebrations. New Year’s Eve 2012 presents a fantastic opportunity for social gatherings, over indulgence in food/ alcoholic beverages and breath-taking firework displays which will all ensure you enter 2013 in style.

Celebrations and traditions take place all over the world as millions continue to party well past midnight on the 31st of December. Geographical diversity presents a wealth of opportunities to experience different cultures all celebrating the same event in their own unique way.

If you are planning on an adventure abroad this New Year you will not be disappointed because regardless of personal tastes there is really something for everyone, whether that it is a multi-million dollar firework display in Sydney, Australia or a more modest humble celebration in one of Dublin’s warm and friendly pubs.

With such a variety of extraordinary locations to choose between you will be forgiven for being unable to make your mind up.  Below highlights a few of the most renowned worldwide locations, this in turn, will hopefully enable you to cement plans down for the New Year.

London, England –The New Year celebrations within London focus around a spectacular firework display located at Big Ben and the London Eye on the South Bank.  The 10 minute firework display, that starts when Big Ben chimes for midnight attracts around 250,000 people to the popular viewer areas on the embankments. Since 1987 celebrations also continue onto January 1st with a New Year’s Day Parade involving 10,000 musicians and performers.

Sydney, Australia – People travel from all over the world to experience what is known as “one of the seven NYE wonders of the world”. Each year Sydney plays host to a night of fun that includes firework displays on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, prestige harbour cruises and energy filled parties. This year’s 2012 New Year’s Eve campaign, design and fireworks display has been developed by some of Australia’s best creative talent alongside the queen of pop, Kylie Minogue, who is the creative ambassador.

Mexico City, Mexico – Although Mexican tradition is to celebrate the welcoming of the New Year with a late night dinner with their families and eating a grape with each of the twelve chimes of a clocks bell at midnight, many will be excused later on to partake in one of the large street festivals. The atmosphere within the city will be carnival like with hordes of people enjoying live music, dancers and bright floats. The centre of the festivities is located around the Zocalo, which is the city’s main square.

Berlin, Germany –Each year Berlin hosts one of Europe’s largest New Year celebrations, which is attended by more than a million people. The largest street party in the world spans from Victory Column to Brandenburg Gate. The 2km strip plays host to numerous dance floor tents, music stages and food stalls which will all provide enough entertainment in the build-up to the final fireworks display.

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