Epic Rail Journeys in Australia

Australia is an incredibly vast country, and it is often necessary to travel long distances to get from one urban area to the next. The nicest way to make these trips would be by train. This elegant way to travel allows people to just sit back and relax while enjoying the changing landscape. There are a number of epic rail journeys in Australia including:

Indian Pacific Railway

indian pacific

The Indian Pacific Railway covers 2,698 miles from Sydney on the east coast of Australia to Perth on the west coast. It takes approximately 65 hours to make this journey. It is called the Indian Pacific because it allows passengers to travel between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the longest train journeys in the world, and those who have completed it are likely to enjoy a real sense of achievement. The train passes through diverse landscapes, and it stops at important cities such as Adelaide and Port Augusta. The Indian Pacific Christmas train is famous because there are special stops where musical performances are provided free by some reasonably famous artists.

Ghan Railway Journey

EL57 Ghan


Probably the most celebrated of all the Australian train routes goes from Adelaide to Darwin – in 2012 it was featured the UK Channel 5 show Extreme Railways. The name “Ghan” is short for Afghan Express, and it gets this name in honour of the Afghan camel drivers who were originally given the job of exploring some of the most inhospitable land that the train passes through. The route is 1,851 miles and it runs between Southern and Northern Australia. It takes approximately 54 hours to complete, and this includes a four hour stopover at Alice Springs. This is a popular route, but passengers will be able to arrange everything in advance by booking with ANZCRO.

Spirit of the Outback



The Spirit of the Outback is one of the newer routes in Australia – it was launched in 1993. It goes between Brisbane and Longreach, and passengers get to enjoy some splendid views of the Queensland outback. The entire journey is 808 miles, and it takes approximately 24 hours. The Spirit of the Outback is a nice way to enjoy this part of the world because passengers can sit back and enjoy the scenery while enjoying air-conditioned luxury. There is a choice between single or triple occupancy sleeping cabins, and there are there is a restaurant and snack bar on-board. Along the route the train stops at some fascinating historical towns.

The Sunlander

The Sunlander train service covers the North Coast Railway Line. It allows passengers to travel the 1,045 mile journey between Brisbane and Cairns, and it takes approximately 35 hours to make this trip. Along the way, passengers get to enjoy some stunning views of the Queensland coastline. At the moment this is a locomotive hauled train, but there plans to change this to a tilt train which should cut the journey time down to 26 hours – it is expected to be in service by 2014.


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