Explore South America: Top Places to See

When asking people about places they’d love to visit in the world, South America is bound to be a common answer. From the cultural vibrancy of Brazil to the historic sites of Peru, there’s something for everyone – much more than you might initially think. Take a look at the South American flights with Trailfinders and see for yourself the diversity of this awe-inspiring country.

With so much surface area to cover, having an idea of the places you’d like to visit in advance would certainly be helpful. Take a look at some of these must-see countries that visitors from all over the world choose to explore year after year.


For many, this mystifying country is on the top of their Bucket List and it’s easy to see why. From jungle and mountains to jawdropping ancient ruins, a four day Inca Trail will leave you breathless – and not just from the trekking.

Whether you choose this or the chance to head deep into the Amazon rainforest during your visit, the possibilities in Peru are endless.

Must see sites: Machu Picchu in the Urubamba National Park.


Step away from the ancient history and the rainforests and instead, head for the buzzing vibrancy that is Brazil. Whether you choose to stick by the beaches, explore the hubbub of Rio de Janeiro or opt for an enduring hike to the top of Sugar Loaf mountain is completely up to you.

Must see sites: Christ the Redeemer statue and the forthcoming notorious Rio Carnival, to be held in March next year.


The stunning landscapes of this spectacular country are quite simply, out of this world. In a country stretching over 2500 miles, it’s no wonder the landscape is as varied as it is vast. Head for the ethereal Atacama Desert in the north for some astounding snapshot opportunities or settle on a visit to the Torres del Paine National Park to sample the rugged great outdoors.

Must see sites: the El Tatio geyser field within the Andes of North Chile

The Galapagos Islands

If there’s one place that, if you have the opportunity to visit, you must, is the Galapagos Islands. This 19-island archipelago off the coast of Ecuador is like no other place you will ever have the fortune of visiting.

While its most famous resident, Lonesome George, may no longer be with us, the myriad of wildlife that you could spy in this astonishing island family is incredible.

Must see sites: The Charles Darwin Research Centre on Santa Cruz


Home to the infamous highest waterfall in the world, the Angel Falls, Venezuela offers up a plethora of sights that will stay imprinted on your memory forever.

Must see sites: Margarita Island, considered to be the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ and rightly so.

Easter Island

Considered to be the most remote inhabited island, over 2000miles away from the Chilean mainland, Easter Island is home to some incredibly beautiful, barren landscapes, volcanoes and azure waters.

Must see sites: the incredible Maoi statues within the equally spectacular Rapa Nui National Park.

If you’ve always dreamt of exploring faraway lands, South America is one of the most beautiful continents you could visit, providing memories you will treasure forever.

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