Five Simple Ways to Maintain Your Home Value

All homeowners are concerned about maintaining the value of their property. Whether you plan to sell in the near future or don’t know if you’ll ever put your home on the market, these five simple ways to maintain your home value will pay dividends. They’ll keep your home in good shape, make it appealing inside and out and bring you the best price if you do decide to sell.

Keep your Home Well-Maintained

A house that is falling apart won’t be very attractive to a potential buyer from an aesthetic point of view. From a financial perspective, house hunters won’t pay a top price for a money pit. Keep a solid roof over your head to start with. A good roof will keep out moisture that can lead to rotting roof decking or joists, mold, damage to drywall or flooring and a host of other problems. Replace windows when they no longer function properly. If you’ve got cracks in the basement, fix them immediately. Letting them go will lead to major damage and expensive repairs. Other key things to keep in good repair are gutters, the driveway, sidewalks, the garage door, a deck and the HVAC system.

Make your Home Energy Efficient

People are more energy-conscious than been. When you need to replace your HVAC system, choose high-efficiency components. In warm climates, a heat pump system with a SEER rating of 16 or higher is a good choice. In cooler climates, a gas furnace with an AFUE rating of 95% or higher is a winner. Add insulation to your attic and weather stripping to doors and windows. Other energy-efficient upgrades include buying appliances, lighting and glass new windows that are certified as Energy Star products. Low energy bills are very appealing to potential buyers who are concerned about their wallet and the impact of high energy use on the environment.

Open the Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been popular for more than a decade. But many homes were built when closed-off, individual spaces were popular. If you get the remodeling bug, knock out a wall or two to create fewer, larger zones in your home. A large master suite made from two bedrooms is a popular theme. So is opening up the kitchen to integrate it with a family room or dining room.

Keep the Décor Current

You have to work within a budget in order to get a good return on your investment when remodeling. Hardwood floors offer outstanding bang for your buck. The return on them is estimated to be more than 100% by some remodeling experts. Installing new carpet, repainting in a popular color and replacing old light and plumbing fixtures with new ones are simple ways to maintain your home value.

Unclutter and Revitalize the Exterior

Developing curb appeal remains essential to selling a home. Start by getting rid of overgrown shrubs. Trim large trees that are overhanging the house. Remove evergreens that are blocking the view of the home from the street. Tear down the deteriorating privacy fence. Once you’ve uncluttered the landscape, revitalize it with a few select plants. A landscape specialist can help. Flowering trees or bushes are beautiful when in bloom in the spring and early summer. Hardwoods are full of color in the fall. Evergreens give your yard life during the winter. A judicious mix of all three might be ideal. Another way to boost curb appeal is to keep an asphalt driveway freshly seal-coated and adding a new, attractive front door.

These five simple ways to maintain your home value don’t have to break the bank. Embrace the ones that make the most sense for your situation, and they’ll pay off handsomely by boosting your home’s sale price when the time comes to put it on the market.

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