Five traveller gadgets you should pack

There are a number of fantastic traveller gadgets available, from the simple and obvious to the quirky and obscure. Wherever you’re going, there are a number of travel gadgets you really should pack to cover a variety of situations. In this article you can read about five useful pieces of kit, which potentially could make your trip even better and thriftier!

Take travel plug adapters

It’s more than likely that wherever you go in the world they won’t use the same travel plugs as in the UK. There are plenty of simple adapters on the market, so getting your hands on one should be simple. There are also some more intricate and versatile adapters, which will give you more options and the ability to plug into more sockets.

Use your smart phone’s extra features

Sounds like an obvious one, but smart phones are full of great features, in addition to making calls and sending text messages. You can read books on them, play games on the beach and use the map systems to find your way. Be careful on this one though as roaming charges can be pricey, so only use the location settings when you really need to.

Pack a neck pillow

You might be thinking this is not an interesting gadget! Well, you won’t be thinking like that if you’re travelling on long journeys on planes or trains. These pillows support your neck and will help you sleep more comfortably, and are certainly cheaper than buying a first class ticket!

Keep the kids entertained with handheld games

If you’ve got kids you will know the merits of having back up entertainment for them. In recent years the handheld game industry has boomed and products including the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo DS have become very popular. Don’t let them have it all the time though, you want them to experience the places you are going to too.

Use a VoIP adapter from Vonage

Using a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system is a really good way of keeping in touch with friends, family and business contacts on your travels. The way the system works is that you pay a fee and then calls are connected via the web, so all you need is an internet connection. In order for the system to work you need an adapter, and companies such as Vonage offer a good overall package.

The Vonage adapter is lightweight and small, so you will easily be able to pack it in your luggage. You can read about how it works at

All you need to do is link up the adapter to the broadband connection and then you can save money on your calls. If you’re looking to make free international calls, calling someone else who has the adapter is free!


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