Flower Festivals around the World – June to December

There are so many countries which celebrate the coming of spring or warmth of summer, and what better way to showcase the brief, blooming beauty of flowers, than to have a festival that makes use of them? To keep track of all the great upcoming flower festivals, keep reading:



Rose Festival, Kazanluk, Bulgeria

One of the unique roses from Kazanluk Bulgeria. By Dima-bilan (Creative Commons)The rose festival in Kazanluk, Bulgeria, is held annually during the first week of June, and this year is its 110th anniversary, to be celebrated on the 2nd of June. It is a much-loved affair due to the central areas of Bulgaria, which are predominantly rose farms that cultivate a rose strain found nowhere else in the world. Since ancient times, the rose oil produced here has, and still remains, one of the finest in the world, and is often called ‘attar of roses’. Its fragrance is renowned, and it’s shipped around the world to make perfumes, chocolates, and oils. During the first week of June, activities and attractions in the town vary day to day, and traditional costumes are worn by the locals, who are all crowned with a rose wreathe. The beauty pageant is one event to keep an eye out for – as the most beautiful girl is chosen to be Queen of the Roses.


Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, south west London, United Kingdom

Considered to be the largest flower show in the world, this year will see it run from 9 – 14 July. This annual event is run by the Royal Horticultural Society, which takes great pride in visitor satisfaction and as such, will allow guests to appreciate the variety of open gardens, floral displays, demonstrations, workshops, and floral pavilions. Not only do they do beautiful floral displays, they also handle real-world issues, such as children in poorer countries, and also provide cooking ideas and food pairing courses.


Medellín Flower Fair, Antioquia, Andes, South America

Expect to see numerous bonsai trees at the Cochin Flower Show. By Ragesoss (Creative Commons)This unique flower festival is held annually during the first week of August, within the city dubbed ‘place of eternal spring’, and has been happening since 1957 – though the date used to be during May. Flowers adorn balconies, terraces, billboards, and gardens, and over 140 events take place during the ten days of the flower fair. Expect to see activities such as a classic automobile parade, folk songs, dancing, a dog walk, and other entertaining events. During the a Silletero parade you’ll notice locals wearing wooden ‘backpacks’ that are covered with flowers, representing the freedom from slavery, though instead of flowers, the slaves carried people out on their backs. The food is fantastic, the history of the festival is fascinating, and the unique cultural attractions are fascinating to watch.



Carnival of Flowers, Toowoomba Queensland, Australia

With a nickname like the “Garden City”, you can expect to be amazed by the beautiful city of Toowoomba, which is the second largest inland city in Australia. The predominant gardening community of Toowoomba celebrates an annual ten-day spring festival, from 20 – 29 September, which is a major hit with locals, especially the Floral Parade with the extravagantly decorated floats, and scantily-clad females adorning them. Complete the flower viewing by indulging in the tasty food and wine on offer, and listening to some of the live concerts taking place around town.


Grahamstown Flower Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa

Every South African knows about the blooming of the Namaqualand daisies come spring, which is a beautiful natural event seen all over the world. However, the flowers and entertainment on offer during the Grahamstown Flower Festival, set to happen from 5 – 7 October, Will have far more to keep you busy. The event is held at the Makana Botanical Gardens, which are the second oldest botanical gardens in South Africa; you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a variety of botanical items from the Botanical Society plant sales. Flower competitions, open gardens, workshops, children’s play areas, and donkey rides, will keep the entire family entertained. As this event is extremely popular, it’s worthwhile to book your Grahamstown accommodation in advance.


Flower Show Turkey, Istanbul Fair Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Flower Show Turkey, also known as Eurasia Plant Fair, is more of an exhibition trade fair than a festival, but this event is perfect for those looking to expand their garden greenery, and will be held from 28 November – 1 December. Colourful flowers will adorn the various vendors’ stalls, with over 296 exhibitors from 17 countries this flower show is the largest of its kind in Eurasia, where you can expect to see a variety of beautiful blooms from around the world. The flowers here are suited to numerous climates – and ones to watch out for include flower bulbs and seeds, Mediterranean plants, and seasonal ornament plants.


Cochin Flower Show, Ernakulam, Kerala, India

From 28 December – 3 January, you can enjoy browsing through the variety of beautiful plants, bonsai trees, medicinal plants, and flowers from around the world, at the Ernakulathappan Grounds. There will be over 14,000 varieties, which include Marigold, Dendrobium Orchids, Dutch pot variety Anthooriyavum, and Chrysanthimums.

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