Food from All around the World in Manchester

The Red Hot World Buffet restaurant in Manchester is on the corner of Deansgate and Blackfriars Street in the city centre, just next to the canal. It has proven to be a really popular destination for dinners of all backgrounds thanks to its intensely diverse culinary nature. The ‘next level’, the second floor, has recently been opened in an attempt to deal with the constant demand for space in the restaurant. Since recently celebrating their first birthday, the restaurant has been a booming success and shows no sign of losing steam.

It seems Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester have the perfect recipe for success mixing great service and pricing with a whole world of delectable delights! Red Hot World Buffet invites its dinners to sample cuisines from across the world with treats from India, Italy, China, Japan and Mexico, to name a few.

To give you a deeper understanding into some of the menu highlights here are some examples to whet your appetite:

Indian – Biryani:

Take a stroll over to the Indian section and soak in all of the deep aromatic aromas. Why not try one of the favourite Indian curries, the biryani. On offer is the classic chicken biryani made with fluffy basmati rice succulent chicken and array of spices including nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. Garlic, onions and bay leaves are also added to the recipe and are superbly blended by the master chefs on site.

Japanese – Sashimi:

The more adventurous pallet may be tempted by what is on offer in the Japanese section. A traditional array of Japanese dishes is served up daily including the expertly prepared sashimi. You can choose from prawn, salmon and tuna. All the Japanese dishes are served with your choice of classic condiments such as Japanese soya, wasabi and pickled ginger for that really authentic experience.

Deserts – The Ice Cream Parlour:

When it comes to deserts the Red Hot World Buffet has it down to a tee. With ice cream flavours ranging form the traditional strawberry and vanilla to the more outlandish bubble gum and caramel ripple and the condiments including everything from berry and apricot compote to glazed cherries and biscuit crumble there really is a sundae for everyone.

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