Getting Away On a Budget

In this day and age, it is safe to say not everyone has vast amounts of spare money. With this in mind, it’s not uncommon for people to stop going on holiday, due to a general assumption that they can’t afford it.

Yet this isn’t always true. If you’re looking for a nice simple get away, there are plenty of options right here in the UK. Whether it’s exploring some of the cities you’ve never been in, or making the most of cheap rail travel options, a holiday within the UK can be surprisingly affordable.

Travel Links

Trael costs are also significantly reduced when travelling within the country. International flights can be expensive, with all manner of additional costs tacked on to deprive you of your money. Yet, in the UK, it’s much cheaper and more effective to travel via train.

This is best done when booking in advance to make the most of cheap train fares that are available. This will save you even more money, which will naturally quickly bring down the total cost of your holiday retreat.

Furthermore, flights are often limited by airports, whereas train stations are much more common, with frequent trains. The east coast train-line, for instance, runs between London Euston and Edinburgh whilst also granting access to a variety of stops in the middle.

This includes popular cities such as Newcastle, which is a proud northern city rich with its unique culture and heritage, as well as historical Leeds and York. If you’re looking for a city break of some relaxation, then any one of these locations will suit your needs. Of course, each one has its own unique charm, so there is something to suit anyone’s tastes.

Other Expenses

Just like the travel links, the amount you spend is simply up to you. Accommodation, for instance, can either be a cheap motel or a luxury hotel. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find the UK to be very flexible and accommodation to your choice and budget.

Anything else after this is up to you in terms of spending money. Travelling in the UK does mean you don’t need to worry about typical expenses, such as changing currency or various insurance policies, giving you even more savings, which could go towards more holiday spending money if you were so inclined.

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