Golfing in Wales: Nefyn & District Golf Club and Royal Porthhole Golf Club

Wales offers golfing enthusiasts of any level the ultimate golfing experience. Whether the sport is meant to be a friendly match over an adrenaline-stimulating match, or whether you want it played in the best of the greenest environs where the game is supposed to be relaxing over an intensified one, golfing in Wales is your best choice.

Basically, there are a lot of golf clubs all over wales given that golfing in Wales is among every golfers dream. If somehow finding a golfing club is a task and the idea of which one to be in for a Wales golfing experience, there are 2 names that should shine through as one cuts through the clutter.

Nefyn and District Golf Club

Golf is not just about hitting the golf ball right and getting to tees. It is also about the surroundings that completes the whole experience of a game.

Nefyn and District Golf Club is exactly this.Set on a picturesque peninsula where every single tee has its share of the breathtaking view of the beautiful Snowdonia mountain range is on the peninsula’s east while on its west is a beautiful view of the Wicklow mountains.

The whole peninsula is surrounded by a view of the tranquil sea. Long stretch of sandy beaches, various lovely coves and beautifully jagged rocky edges lace and line the peninsula.

Nefyn and District Golf Club have 26 holes with 8 of its holes played in the world-famous Wales’ Pebbles Beach. Due to its magnificent location and the number of its holes, the club is a great one from both professional golfers and the golfers in the making.

Its location and setting along with the reputation of being a remarkable place to do Golfing in Wales, Nefyn and District Golf Club has consistently been recognized by the Golf World as one among the best 100 golf courses in the United Kingdom.

Royal Porthcawl Golf Club

The Royal Porthcawl Golf Club has 18 holes across 6,829 yards. While there is nothing fancy about Royal Porthcawl Golf Club, it is hailed and crowned by the late Tom Scott as one among the top 12 golf courses in the world.

Vast lands of green set on a location where the beautiful surfer’s beach is near with a stretch of rock, sand and pebbles. It faces a good unblocked view of the Swansea Bay that gives more than enough for an inspiration to get a good game done.

Royal Porthcawl Golf Club is a favorite not only among Welsh golfers but by those from farther plac it es as well. The beautiful simplicity of its setting, the view from every tee and the fine aura about the course makes the golf club have it all.

Certainly, there is something so drawing in the place that golfing in Wales is not only good when it comes to the game but it also hands the best and the finest in the world when it comes to the location. Whether one is starting to get the hang of golf or whether the play is for camaraderie whilst being able to channel in a boost in a golfers ego, these golf clubs in Wales gives the best compromise to it.

For their next golfing vacation, avid golfers and enthusiasts are called to carefully plan out a holiday of golfing in Wales while taking into account the common club prerequisites such as certificates and dress code musts. It is also suggested that one should watch out for admission discounts as granted for group admissions and golfing packages.

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