Guest Post: Best Places for a month-long stay in Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast…Australia is packed to the brim with places for every traveller. When you’re in a city for just a week, you can get a taste for the lifestyle – but that’s like taking a bite from a really good burger and then throwing it out. To really get a feel for a city, you have to stay there long enough to explore and venture outside of the tourist destinations. Next time you’re in Australia, take a month out of your busy schedule and get a real feel of Australian life with these places.

Newtown – You definitely can’t go past Newtown for a suburb that is abuzz with eclectic energy and vibes. Whether it is all the creative folk, or the town’s famous eating establishments (with a good many of them catering to vegetarian and vegan taste buds), a month in Newtown is not a month wasted.  What to do in Newtown? After a morning wondering through the many second hand book stores on King Street, make sure you visit the Eveleigh Farmers Market for the fresh produce, flowers and pick up yourself some yummy pastizzi. Also clear one day to visit the Vanguard for a live entertainment (notably for jazz and blues gigs) and prepare yourself for an unforgettable dining experience!

Surry Hills – Surry Hills is a mecca for good pubs, restaurants, antique stores and cafes. It is a must-visit suburb of Sydney if you’re sick of the traditional Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge tourist circuit. If you have the opportunity to stick around for longer, then Surry Hills is a great place to get to know Sydney’s cultural side. While here, be sure to visit the famous Bourke Street Bakery – but a word of warning – the queues are long, so make sure to arrive early for their famous goods. For the night life, Surry Hills has a host of pubs to sample.  Specifically, The Clock Hotel boasts fantastic cirty views as you sip on your wine, while The Shakespeare Hotel has a reputation for cheap pub grub and good ambiance.

Hunter Valley – What better place for an extended vacation than wine country itself? Hunter Valley not only boasts some of the best wineries anywhere in the world, but is also home to some of the most  breathtaking country backdrops. If you are seeking affordable long term accommodation in the Hunter region, you may want to try broadening your search to the outer regions of Hunter Valley, including Maitland. There are plenty of people who have bought houses for sale (Maitland, Newcastle etc.) who are willing to rent out. If you find rural might be the type of sea change you’ve been looking for, you can look into moving out NSW country. There are plenty of available house and land packages in Cragieburn and other rural NSW towns.

Author Bio: Missy Lee is a fashionista, multi-media designer and has been a Sydney sider for over twenty years. Guest post brought to you by the Highlands

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