Hen party pamper nights on a budget

Many girls dream of a spa weekend when they have their hen party but it is not a cheap option and is not within the financial reach of everyone.  The alternative is to have a pamper night at home.  Finding beauty therapists to come to the house is not difficult – many offer a mobile service these days but they still expect to be paid, so how do you keep the cost to a minimum?  First of all it is a good idea to ask all the attendees what sort of budget they are considering for the evening and you can work it out from there.

The type of therapies that you can have at home is varied.  You do not have to stick to the traditional manicure and facial, although these are a great way to make sure you are looking your best for the big day.  Consider massage therapies, practise make-up sessions and reflexology as well as old favorites like Indian head massage and aromatherapy treatments.

Tip 1 – find a package

Many of the therapists will do a bespoke pamper package for you.  Explain to them how many people will be attending and what sort of treatments you are looking for and they will work out a deal.  If there is a large group and everyone wants to have a manicure as well as a facial then it could be that more than one therapist will be needed, so you’ll need to take that into consideration.

Tip 2 – Grab a trainee

Why not have a word with your local college?  They will have a number of students who are learning beauty therapy and would be grateful for the practice.  Getting a couple of them along for the evening could save you a great deal of cash when compared to a package offered by a qualified professional who has an established business.

Tip 2 – DIY

You don’t need to be a therapist to be able to paint someone’s nails for them.  If the budget you have is low (or even non-existent!) then opt for the simple approach.  Gather your friends around, get everyone to bring a bottle – and their make-up bag!  There are very few women out there who do not have a collection of nail varnishes and other items such as face packs that they are not using.  You can all enjoy a drink, a bit of a pamper session and a couple of great DVDs without leaving the house and it will cost almost nothing.

A lack of cash and a pamper night doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on some of the more obvious hen party traditions.  If everyone brings a bottle then you can still take part in games such as pub golf.

PubGolf, a game for any occasion, is perfect for when a group of friends are out looking to have fun. Hard-core drinking game enthusiasts will probably insist on completign18 holes, but if you are looking for a quieter night then 9 holes are perfectly acceptable. Visit each hole; enjoy a drink in each one and try to finish yours under par… Simple really!

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