How to Eat Cheap but Well

Regardless of what you are buying today, the price is going up. It is all related. Higher gas prices mean higher food prices. Sometimes it seems food prices go up each week. Sometimes they do. The packages are getting smaller, but the prices keep going in the other direction. When was the last time a half gallon of ice cream was actually a half gallon of ice cream? Even when it seems hopeless, there are ways to help you eat cheap but still keep the quality and eat well.

First you need to plan ahead. Do not go to the store without a list and do not buy items that are not on your list. It is pretty simple in theory, but not always as easy when you are at the store especially if you have little ones screaming for extra items. If you do have children, let them help plan the list before you go. That way, they will feel they have had impact and when you select their item once at the store, they will be happy.

Make sure you only shop once a week. All the extra trips for that one item you need, and then come home with ten others that you did not need, add up. You have already made a list, see above, so you need to make sure everything on that list will last you for one week. If you have forgotten something, work around it. This alone will save you money. Let’s face it, all the extra you buy on those trips for one item tend to be junk you don’t need in the first place.

On the same vein, buy in bulk when possible. This is especially good if you have a family. While this may seem like it costs you more money at the checkout, it will save you money over time. This will save you even more if you time your purchases to when the store is having a sale on the item, stock up then.

You should only shop at one store. It can be tempting to run all over town to save five cents a pound on hamburger, but in the long run, it will cost you more money. Most stores do have sales on pretty much everything. They tend to go in cycles. Watch when items go on sale at your store, or ask the manager. He or she will be happy to tell you.

You also do not want to forget the no name, generic food. Most of the time, there is no difference between the generic and the brand name food items. Sure, the box might not be as pretty, but then you are not going to be eating the box.

Eating out is something everyone enjoys doing and should do for the pure pleasure of it, but do not use up your money on buying your lunch during the work week. Make a habit out of taking your lunch to work. It might not be fun, but it will save you plenty of money, so you and your loved one can go for a nice dinner out. You will certainly enjoy the meal more than the fast food you would have eaten for lunch. You waist line will thank you as well.

When you are planning on eating out, watch for specials. Even five star restaurants have specials from time to time. If it is your birthday or anniversary, let them know ahead of time and many will prepare a very nice and free desert for you.

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