How to holiday on a budget

One of the reasons people struggle to go abroad on holiday is due to the misconception that everything costs more on the continent.  In this article we will look at 5 different things you can do in countries throughout Europe for the very reasonable price of 5 Euros.

Have A Cheap Date That Features A Bottle Of Wine And The Sunset

If you like the idea of opening a nice bottle of wine and watching the sun set in a foreign land then you can do this, particularly if you go to Gianicolo Hill in Roma or Sacre-Cour in Paris.  If you go looking for a bottle of wine you will find a very decent one for the measly price of 3 Euros, a cheap but effective date under the setting sun!

Have A Massage On The Beach

Barcelona is famous for a lot of things – bullfighting, its rich historical heritage, churros, the awesome nightlife and beautiful churches and cathedrals.  Surprisingly however, there are not many people who know that if you love to lounge on the beach during the day; in Barcelona you can receive a massage for 5 Euros.  It is perhaps not the most intricate or most focused massage you will ever have, but for the price and to have the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea while your aches and pains are worked on, it is more than worth it!

Have A Cheap Late Night Kebab

Sometimes it is hard to leave old habits behind and if you are a fan of late night kebabs after a night at the pub, in places like Spain, Greece and Italy, this is much more affordable than back home.  Not only are the kebabs bursting at the edges with fillings, but they only cost the insignificant amount of 3 Euros.  There is something truly special about eating a kebab late at night in a foreign land where the temperature is still warm enough to be comfortable.

Take The Bus For A Mystery Journey

Nowadays we are travelling more and more by car, train and plane.  However an affordable and fast way to travel is by the ever reliable bus. In a foreign country you may be afraid to get on the bus or worried that it will not take you were you want to be and end up costing too much.  However, the truth is that bus fare in Europe is very reasonable.  What’s even more exciting is that you can have a real adventure if you just pay 1 or 2 Euros and see where the bus takes you.

Sink 5 Beers In Prague

It may take a little while for your mind to process the information in the subheading, but it is indeed true.  If you are heading to Prague, like the thousands of others who do so every year, you will not be out of pocket even if you are a very heavy drinker.  Although they do not use the Euro in Prague, the cost of a beer is the Czech Koruna equivalent to around 1 euro.

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