How to pack for a trip around the world

For anyone who’s eager to take time out of their everyday life to pack a bag and travel around the world, I would definitely urge you to take the opportunity and get ready for all the new experiences that are waiting for you.

Some unsure and inexperienced travellers have the misconception that when travelling around the world you need to pack your whole wardrobe and bathroom into your backpack. Not quite, when traveling it’s all about the breath-taking surroundings, spectacular scenery, meeting new people and making the most of new experiences.

Based on the fact you have to stick to a maximum of 22kg luggage allowance, I’ve put together my top five essentials that I wouldn’t travel without when setting off on a new journey.

1, Underwear

As with any journey you are about to take, underwear is definitely the key essential. It’s the first thing I pack and I always make sure I pack plenty of it. I would recommend you always pack double what you think you need, my personal choice is Armani briefs, affordable, reliable and will last the entire length of my journey. Boxers and Briefs often have a sale on – so offer decent lines if you’re still saving for your travels.

2, Sun cream

No matter where you are going, no matter the temperature and no matter your skin type – always pack sun cream. Even if you wear a low factor, it’s essential that you look after yourself when you’re away.

3, Toothbrush

You can’t go around the world without taking a toothbrush, it’s at the top of personal hygiene. First impressions are important, if you’re meeting new people in foreign new lands you don’t want to be remembered as the traveller with the terrible breath.

4, Sunglasses

When traveling around the world you can enter any type of climate and come across all sorts of weather, so you need to make sure you’re equipped with a pair of sunglasses. They’re one of your essentials that can be constantly worn, which means more room in your backpack and no accidental breakages.

5, Camera

Your journey can’t be complete without capturing all the beautiful places and surreal surroundings you have seen on your journey. You will need a camera to store all your memories to show family and friends when you arrive home.


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