How to Spend Your Seattle Vacation

Whether you are new in town or a returning visitor, Seattle has so much to offer that you surely missed out on some cool sights and experiences. Here is a list of ten must-sees, also vetted by the Seattle Times!

Take life high

No better way to cast a city-wide glance than going up the Space Needle. The 1962 landmark is so overexposed that you love to hate it. A cliché is a cliché for a reason, though: with its glorious 600+ feet, the Space Needle offers you the best view of the city. If you are still in the mood for heights, try the Seattle Great Wheel, a 175-foot-tall Ferris wheel for more cool city sights. Cast a glance westward to see Elliott Bay and Olympic Mountains.

Water, water everywhere

Even if you are new to Seattle, you will quickly learn how much the ocean and seafood mean to the city. Start exploring at Pike Place Market, a year-round farmers market and a popular city landmark ever since its founding in 1907. Salesmen entertain tourists ad themselves by throwing salmon at each other. If the prospect of hurling fish int he air is not instantly appealing, you can also head to the area under the market for a neater collection of franchises, including the original Starbucks coffee shop, established 1971.

Keep the water vibe by hopping on a ferry from Seattle’s Pier 52 to Bainbridge for a picturesque coastal ride. If you are in luck, you will spot Mount Rainier, over 14,000 feet tall and usually obscured by clouds. After a good hour of ferrying back and forth, you can dive further into the sea life by visiting the Seattle Aquarium. It is great entertainment for young and old, and it gives you the chance to observe some of the sea creatures you already tasted in one of Seattle’s numerous seafood restaurants.

Culture and history

As any great old city, Seattle has a lot to offer to the culturally curious as well. Keep it outdoorsy by first visiting Olympic Sculpture Park for a free gander at world-class sculpture amid greenery and sun (if the weather complies, of course). It is a good way to enjoy art outside of the box.

Continue your cultural program at the Seattle Art Museum where Native American art meets European old masters, and you get everything in between, too. If you are not cultured out by then, head over to the Museum of History and Industry. The MOHAI, as it is known, tells Seattle’s exciting history in a uniquely engaging manner, complete with multimedia-equipped, all-new exhibition halls.

Fly into the future

Do not miss the chance to take an active part in the Future of Flight at the Boeing factory. The building alone is a record-breaker with its 472 million cubic feet of volume. If observing the jet assembly lines inspires you, you can design the blueprints for your very own model. Maybe it will take off one day!

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