Ibiza – not just a party island

The island of Ibiza can be found in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea approximately 79 kilometres off the coast of the Spanish city of Valencia. This naturally stunning island is relatively small and the cities on the island have become really well known for their nightlife, which attracts tourists in their thousands every year. The island’s government as well as the Spanish Tourist Office are working on projects aimed to turn the island into a more family-friendly destination, especially since the island has so much more to offer. The island is not just about parties and wild nightlife, it is also the perfect place to get away to for a relaxing break. Here are also plenty of luxury villas for rent in Ibiza, to add a touch of decadence to your summer holiday.

Large portions of the island are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites which prevents any development or commercialisation of the main cities, thus preserving the island’s historical sites. A very good example of the stunning natural sites in Ibiza includes Cala de Benirras, which is a curvy, sandy cove that is surrounded by steep hills that are covered in pine trees. Just off the coast of this beach is the rock island protruding from the Mediterranean Sea, more commonly known as ‘God’s Finger’.

Among the cultural landmarks to appreciate on the island include ‘The Egg’, which is located in Sant Antoni. This statue was erected in the early 1990’s to commemorate the local claim that Christopher Columbus was born there. The statue is in the shape of an egg and contains a model of his ship, the Santa Maria, in its centre.

Ibiza is a very cosmopolitan island and is home to people from all different walks of life. A large portion of the island’s residents are from mainland Spain and there is a huge array of differing nationalities on the island including Germans, British, Latin Americans, Moroccans, French, Italians, Dutch among others.

If you are heading to Ibiza, villa rentals are easy to find. Make sure you choose an area that is away from San Antonio and Ibiza Town and you can be guaranteed a very laid back holiday. Many villas have their own private pools or are located just a few metres from beaches. renting a private villa on Ibiza is perfect for honeymooners looking to indulge for their special getaway, or large groups of friends who are looking for the ideal place to sit back and soak up the sun.

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