Israel: Not Only Camels

They’re dirty, smelly, spit, are often flea infested, and spit. On the plus side though, they do have long, alluring eyelashes and a rather cute look to them though; and, if you’re ever stick in the desert, believe me when I write that there is no better companion you could hope for. Yes, camels may be the ships of the desert and they may be one of the enduring figures associated with Israel, but anyone who believes that camels are all that Israel has to show for herself probably think that kangaroos roam the urban streets of Australia and carry their shopping home in their pouches.

Israel may be approximately 60% desert, but Israel has come a long way from taking barren desert and making it bloom. To continue the Australia analogy; Australia may consider itself “The Lucky Country,” but Israel has been described as the “Start-up Nation.” With more hi-tech start-ups than any country outside the U.S., although with approximately 2.5% of the population of the U.S. (and a pittance of the land mass), the modern Israel of today has as much to do with camels as the Australia of today has with being a British colony.

Israel as so much to offer in the way of history but it also has the latest and greatest of modern technologies. Heck, most of them were either created in Israel or are using Israeli technology. Chances are that your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, flat-screen TV, and any other hi-tech gizmo have at the very least an Israeli component in them.

With this expansion in Israel’s industrial reach, so too have come the financial rewards. No other than the legendary investor Warren Buffett purchased an Israeli behemoth recently for billions of dollars and barely a week goes by where some start-up or another isn’t purchased by a larger multinational. As a result, there are many wealthy Israelis. This, together with great demand from foreign investors, an excellent economic environment, accommodative monetary policy, a fantastic climate, great beaches and other wonders of nature, and anything and everything that any bustling first-world economy could offer; has resulted in a booming real estate market.

Luxury apartments in Tel Aviv have been in great demand as Tel Aviv is in the thick of all that is hip and trendy in the country. Its proximity to the center of the country means that you are close to everything and don’t forget the magnificent coastline. Unfortunately though, there is not a camel in sight.

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