It’s not just a simple break but a break to do great things!

‘Instructions end in the school-room, but education ends only with life. This is what the worthy philosopher ‘Frederick W. Robertson’ quoted on education and knowledge.

All the years that one spends in school, one learns all kinds of theoretical lessons from teachers, textbooks, etc, all under the cloud of dominion, rules and regulations and in the confinement of the class-room. Traditionally, in many countries, it was mandatory for students done with schooling to get into a college for higher studies immediately, and a year gap was never considered a good option for career stability. Fortunately times have changed and many countries across the globe have accepted Gap Year Programs as a great way to learn by experience, self-assessment, independence and practice. Publilius Syrus has truly quoted:

Practice is the best of all instructors.

It is a crucial time for students to select what course or career they want to pursue after their school ends. Those young minds which are accustomed to the stringent educative system need to experience the real world and explore their own potentialities by themselves. This is why many countries like the UK, USA, Africa, Australia, etc. have approved volunteering programmes for students who wish to take a year gap after they are done with school. In the Gap Year, the student can be a part of various kinds of programmes which might include student internships, skill-building activities or training and also overseas volunteering. Among these, the Gap year Overseas Volunteering has gained major popularity among students in recent times. The reason being that students are now keen on learning by themselves not only by working, but also by staying away from home and being independent. Being away from their parents all by themselves, the students learn a great deal of responsibility, independence, self-appraisal, time management, skill enhancement and working in a foreign environment with a culturally varying career mindset.

So how exactly does a gap year student volunteer overseas?

A student, after completing school or university, can volunteer overseas in a foreign country as a Teacher of language (usually English) or any other subject of his or her specialization. They can be Care Assistants at Old-Age Homes, Care Centers for the disabled, or at Community Service Organizations for the poor and disadvantageous. Students can also volunteer as an Outdoor Activities Instructor or Sports Coach in schools for foreign kids, or they could also consider being an Environment Volunteer and assist Nature Protection and Restoration organizations with tasks to protect the planet and spread awareness. Students who wish to pursue a career in the Medical or Healthcare field can volunteer in Hospitals as a Medical Assistant or Intern, where they can work in the nursing or administrative department.

Which are the places where one can go for Overseas Volunteering?

Students can opt for many countries like Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Ecuador and Fiji to name a few. Students can also volunteer in Argentina, which is a beautiful South American country with many opportunities to work, learn and travel in leisure. One can also be a volunteer in China to work in its different work environment, and experience its scenic, cultural and historical beauty when not working.


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