Kavos: Corfu’s party hotspot

The Greek islands have been gaining a reputation over the past few decades as one of Europe’s party destinations, with British tourists between the ages of 18 and 30 dominating the sun-kissed isles for several months every summer. For those looking to let their hair down with a particularly young crowd – without breaking the bank – Kavos is the perfect location.

Traditionally a small fishing village on the island of Corfu, Kavos has emerged as a budget-friendly clubbing mecca in recent years, providing a more affordable yet no less wild alternative to other popular Mediterranean party destinations like Ibiza and Ayia Napa. Many of the bars and nightclubs in the resort have garnered a reputation for their excellent nights, with several of the world’s top DJs regularly putting in appearances in the area in between sets at other European party hotspots. The main difference, though, is that the establishments in Kavos don’t charge the extortionate entry fees that places like Pacha or Space in Ibiza do, while drinks are also much more affordable.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap holiday in Greece then Kavos could well be the place for you, and you’ll find more information about booking a trip to the island resort here. For a look at what makes Kavos so great for young holidaymakers looking for a party, read on.

Kavos nightclubs

The basic ingredient for any top party location is world-class nightclubs, and you’ll certainly find no shortage of fantastic night spots in Kavos. Buzz Bar, for example, can be found at the heart of the main strip and is known for its cheap drinks and raucous atmosphere. Often staying open beyond regulation hours, it’s the place to go for a truly wild night out without having to drain your bank account.

Elsewhere, Rolling Stone has picked up something of a reputation over the years for its unique high-strength cocktails, and offers two rooms each playing different genres of music. The Party Bar area is great for dancing the night away to cheesy pop, while the Indie Club area is where you’ll find all the edgiest rock music.

Right on the beachfront, meanwhile, is Atlantis, the spiritual home of Kavos’s legendary foam parties and full moon parties. Attracting top DJs from around the world, this amazing club stays open later than most other establishments in the area and is a great place to let loose before enjoying the sunrise by lighting a bonfire on the beach.

Other top clubs in the area include Future Club – which regularly hosts nights by the likes of Cream and Ministry of Sound – and Rodney’s, which is Kavos’s premier live music venue.

Kavos by day

Sleeping isn’t something you’re likely to spend much time doing in Kavos, but when you eventually do go to bed you’ll find a very different world once you wake up, with the resort being a fantastic place for a sun-drenched beach holiday. The main stretch of coastline here is around 2 km long and offers a wealth of activities like banana boating, jet skiing and other water sports.

There are also lots of great restaurants, pubs and cafes serving traditional British pub grub at very reasonable prices – perfect for nursing a hangover. Penny’s Kitchen, for example, offers a full English breakfast and is very popular among young party animals. If you’re looking for your mates or people you’ve met the night before then this is probably where you’ll find them.


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