Less Obvious Things To Do In Edinburgh

If you are planning a weekend away visiting the delightful and charming Scottish capital city Edinburgh, then you may want to know how to get the very best out of your visit.  Whether you are going for one or two days or a full week, there are many things to see and do.  However, if this is not your first visit to the city, you may be more interested in the less obvious attractions that the city has to offer.  If this is the case, you will find this article very useful.

Camera Obscura

If you want to see a different view of Edinburgh than what you are used to, then visit this 150 year old Observatory.  One of the main features isthe 360 degrees panoramic view of the city.  The longer you look at the image, the more it will start to play around with your eyes and your mind.  Camera Obscura also features the Europe’s largest collection of holograms and has what is called a Magic Gallery full of lumiglass, lightning tubes and plasma domes.

Follow The Clues Round Edinburgh

The idea of going on a treasure hunt may sound a little childish, but it is actually an activity that is growing in popularity and offers you a great way to see a city like Edinburgh differently.  Whether you are in town for a teambuilding exercise with your employees or employers or are looking for something fun to do with the kids, A Wildgoose Treasure Hunt will be a good experience in either situation.  Armed with a tablet computer, a GPS signal and your brains work your way round the city, finding the clues and check out the stunning architecture and Edinburgh landmarks in the process.

Old Calton Burial Ground

If you are feeling brave and want to take a different look into Edinburgh’s chequered history then take a trip to Old Calton Burial Ground.  As you approach this old and very atmospheric cemetery you will see a black obelisk known as the Political Martyr’s Monument.  This serves as a monument to the people who suffered and died while fighting for electoral reform in the 1790s.  In one of the dark corners of the cemetery you will also find the grave of David Hume, Scotland’s most famous philosopher.  There is an interesting legend surround Hume that he made a pack with the Devil and that is why his friends lit 8 candles and shot pistols into the darkness after he died, to scare the Devil away.

Mary King’s Close

Although this is like a very spooky labyrinth, it is actually a very good place to gain insight into what life was like day to day for residents of Edinburgh during the 16th and 17 centuries.  There are costumed performers who re-enact different folk, such as the gravedigger who is stroked by plague.  Be assured that if you are interested in a lifelike experience, then this is the place you will find it.  Although many of the closes are still closed to the public, the ones that are open are truly amazing.

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