London’s Top Attractions: When is the best time to go?

Now the Olympics and Paralympics have finished, London has become a lot quieter. This year, winter is the best time for making day trips into London to see some of the greatest attractions in the country. When deciding when to make your family day out, or just meeting up with friends, take a look at what’s going on first. Here’s a list of the best times to visit some of London’s greatest attractions.

Madame Tussauds

With many wax museums all over the world, Madame Tussauds has thousands of stars from all across the globe. The London based attraction has a multitude of pop and Hollywood stars, cultural icons, royalty, and even characters from great films. Now that the Olympics have finished, gold medallists are having their wax models made and are joining the sports stars for eternal fame. New models are always joining the collection.

Currently, ABBA is taking up a short term residency in the Music Zone, being placed next to other music legends such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Be quick though, as they are being moved to Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam and Blackpool. The sooner you visit Madame Tussauds, the better!

The British Museum

Of all the museums in London, the British Museum is by far the best. With a wide range of ancient history, as well as a multitude of special events throughout the year, there will be something for everyone.

Until the 25th November, ‘Shakespeare: staging the world’ will be featuring at the British Museum. It’s part of the World Shakespeare Festival and through the perspective of his plays, viewers are provided with an insight into the role of London in the world in 1612. As such an integral part of shaping a national identity, ‘Shakespeare: staging the world’ is an exhibition not to miss.

The London Dungeons

With Christmas fast approaching, one of the holidays that get left out by some retail outlets is Halloween. Thankfully, London’s main attractions don’t, especially not the scariest of them all. The London Dungeons have a new character stalking the corridors: The Trickster. With plenty of dark corners to hide in, The Trickster may play a prank on you and your friends. If you’re lucky, you may even be in for a sweet surprise from him.

Even though the rest of the Dungeons are open all year round, the 29th September until the 4th November will be the only times you can experience The Trickster. These are the best times to go … if you’re brave enough.

Thorpe Park

It’s not only the London Dungeons that make the most of Halloween. The Thorpe Park theme park is the most notable in the country that has special events on around this holiday. Their famous Fright Nights are one of the scariest experiences in the UK, making Halloween one of the best times to visit this theme park.

With Fright Nights throughout the month until the 4th November, book your tickets quickly to make sure you get a place. Although Thorpe Park is not directly in London, it is a short car journey away, easily accessible with cheap car hire.

The London Eye

The London Eye, in partnership with EDF Energy, is one of the greatest ways to get the best view of the city skyline. During the day, the view is fantastic, but it becomes romantic and glamorous once the sun sets. From the 5th November, Christmas lights are being switched on all around London. Taking a trip on the London Eye after this date means you can see all the lights in addition to the marvellous city. It’s enough to get anyone in the festive mood.

Just because the main summer events of the year are over, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do in London. As there is so much going on all year, it’s always best to keep looking back at your favourite attractions to see if they have any special events. When it comes to the holidays, London is never boring.

Beth O’Brien is a Bournemouth University student, passionate about getting the best out of student life. She has experience in finding the best deals, being a member of a Car Club Clapham based, and discovering the best ways to spend the summer as a student.


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