Luxurious Holidays – Which Would you Choose?

Perhaps you’ve got a special anniversary coming up, or you’re looking for a special destination for your honeymoon and are dreaming of somewhere far flung and luxurious. With so many places to choose from it can be a difficult choice, but here’s 3 you might like to consider.

The Maldives

The Maldives are like a paradise on earth, picture perfect islands glittering like jewels in the Indian Ocean. There’s a wide range of luxurious accommodation where your every need will be catered for and you’ll be pampered to your heart’s content. Luxury water villas in the Maldives are a common choice, as are more standard luxury hotels. The Maldives is known for its underwater beauty and it’s a fantastic place to snorkel and view some of the most breathtaking tropical fish that are every colour of the rainbow. These coral islands are the perfect place to experience adventure tours where you can jungle trek or island hop. You can also take advantage of a cruise (after all we are talking luxury here) and take a trip to Utheem Island or the Hulhule Islands. With stunning white beaches to relax on and azure blue seas, there’s no better place to kick back and unwind in luxurious fashion.


Of all the places in Asia, Vietnam has to be the most beautiful with untouched landscapes, tropical settings and a fantastic history. If you’re looking to say happy anniversary or happy birthday, then nothing says it quite like Vietnam. Most of the stunning luxury hotels in Vietnam are sited along the coastline so you’ll always have a great view. Diving and snorkelling comes highly recommended since the waters are crystal clear. One beautiful place to visit is Dalet, which is a city sitting high amongst the clouds and high mountains of South Central Vietnam. Hanoi is the capital and is a city of many contrasts with old and new rubbing shoulders. Historic sites like the Tran Quoc Pagoda which can be found in the old quarter, takes you back into Vietnam’s past. Ho Chi Minh previously known as Saigon. Also has some amazing sites to visit including the Notre-Dame Basilica. No trip would be complete without partaking of the stunning street food and visiting a tailor for that hand made silk suit or dress.


If you’ve always hankered after going to the Caribbean then how about a luxury Cuba holiday which is the largest of the Caribbean Islands. Havana is like taking a step back in time with colonial architecture and cobbled streets. You’ll certainly squint in surprise at all of the old cars being driven around, which are pure vintage and in pristine condition. Varadero on the coast has all the luxury resorts with pristine beaches stretching for miles. Outside of the resorts you can ride on horseback, jet ski, swim with the dolphins and even take a trek into the jungle. If you looking for a mix of culture and mountains then Guardalavaca might be more to your liking. Here you can enjoy a taste of real Cuba away from the crowds.

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