I have got to tell you that it’s going to be impossible to visit England completely without setting your feet in one of its largest cities. It’s time that you discover and experience Manchester!

This city has made some massive changes over the years. Before, you’ll see a lot of warehouses built in here but now; they’re slowly turning into awesome modern lofts and apartments that are very enticing to live in.

If you are a massive fan of sports and football, then it’s going to be easy to fall in love with this city because it’s the home of Manchester United! With that being said, I don’t think that there is going to be a boring day staying here. There are lots of restaurants that you could visit to explore the culture of their culinary arts and at the same time discover all the good food waiting for you.

The city of Manchester is divided into 7 districts namely East Central, North Central, West Central, North, South, University Corridor and Salford and the Western Districts.

This city is turning out to be a city where most people would likely to settle down. If you love the city life and a balance lifestyle of fun and entertainment but at the same working hard for the money, then this place is calling out your name.

This city has also been a haven for students pursuing their academic life in the university. Schools like the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University are the most prominent ones for those who would like to pursue their degree. It’s a great venue for students as their food and beverages could be really affordable because of the many stores available around. This is definitely favorable to students who are on a budget.

People who are into sports will also appreciate this town especially when it comes to its passion for football. Get cultured on their facts about this sport until you find yourself screaming on top of your lungs for Manchester United!

Perhaps one of the reasons why people settle here is because of its nice weather. It’s not very often that the climate here gets too extreme plus you can also experience rainfall on a below average level. I must say that not having to worry about which season is less dangerous to visit this city because of the weather definitely brings a lot of convenience if you’re planning to visit this city. You can absolutely come here at anytime of the year!

There are so many ways that you can roam around in this city. You can ride on a train, car, motorbike or even tour the city by bus. Here’s one great news if you want to save money on transportation because they have the Metroshuttle. This is a free bus service that allows you to check out Greater Manchester up to Bolton and Stockport’s center places!

As a tourist in this town, I personally would suggest that you forget about riding a car and go and have fun experiencing their commuter’s life to make the most out of your visit.

There are lots of historical places in Manchester that you should dare not miss especially the Manchester Cathedral. Be fascinated on its architectural structure both inside and out not to mention that it’s also as England’s widest cathedral.

Witness the symbol of richness and domination by visiting the Manchester Town Hall located on Albert Square. You can ask your tour agency regarding visiting this for free because you can definitely take advantage of that especially if the rooms in this hall are not being used.

Now if you have this strong passion for books, then I highly recommend that you check out John Rylands Library located on Deansgate. The collections they have are not just ordinary books but you’ll be amaze to actually see the most prominent and earliest piece of material of the New Testament. You can tour this library during lunchtime so dare not to miss it!

Arts, history and culture- these are the 3 subjects that you will get yourself hooked on as you visit this massive city of Manchester. Every walk will be all worth it from all the knowledge that you will gain in this place. Go to your nearest travel agency and ask for a booking now!

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