‘Must-see’ Family Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona is a gorgeous city located in the heart of Spain. Home to some of the most scenic locations found on the continent, it is a must visit destination for tourists. Going to Spain and not visiting this city will always take away from the overall experience. This article will pinpoint main attractions for families looking to sightsee within Barcelona. Holidays Barcelona style are always something special for those that decide to go down that route.

Attraction #1: Barcelona Aquarium

Sea life can be a mesmerizing viewing for any family. There is a majestic feel to seeing various species floating along in a body of water. The Barcelona Aquarium provides families with a chance to explore different species of fish and water creatures in one location.

Countless families (local and travelling) visit this particular aquarium. It is one of the largest ones in the world and is highly regarded for its diversity. Based on entertaining the children, it can be a fun place to visit for adults too. After all, everyone has a little love for water creatures hidden somewhere inside them.

This is a park located in Barcelona and is home to various activities during the day. There is always something taking place in this park. Visitors are constantly streaming in and out of this park due to its overall appeal and beauty.

Attraction #2: Zoo de Barcelona

Continuing on the theme of animals, the zoo can always be a nice place to visit. The weather is prodigious in Barcelona most of the year and visiting the zoo is pleasurable experience. Looking at all of the animals spread across the zoo is entertaining.

The zoo is home to countless species and some that have never been seen before. Each nation’s zoos hold their own creatures that are special to them. This is the same for Barcelona and its main zoo, go out and check what they have in store for you. Children love visiting the zoo and it can be an excellent day out during one’s vacation.

Attraction #3: Parc de La Ciutedella

The boat rides are known to be entertaining and amusing for children and adults alike. Getting on the boat and riding along the coast is gratifying. As stated before, the weather is outstanding in Barcelona and can make the park an attractive place to visit.

If one isn’t interested in taking a boat ride, there are various picnic spots to sit and enjoy. Sometimes, vacations are about relaxing and this can only be done by grabbing a nice spot and sitting down under the sun.

Attraction #4: Barceloneta Beach

What is a trip to Barcelona without visiting one of the beaches? Soak up the sun and enjoy the coastal tides making a gentle and peaceful noise underneath your feet.
The children will love playing at the beach and you will get a chance to work on that tan. Spain is known for having beautiful beaches and Barceloneta is one of the better ones in the nation. It is regarded as the best one in Barcelona.

Concluding Thoughts

Barcelona is full of places to visit and cherish. This article doesn’t do justice to the variety of options available for visitors. There are numerous other beaches within the city, restaurants, museums that can all be intriguing to visit. The options are endless, Barcelona is just that remarkable.

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