Pattaya Holidays Can Be Wild Or Relaxed

A trip to Thailand offers a wealth of possibilities for any traveller and once there, the cost of living is extremely affordable. This means that many people will choose this country as a holiday destination, knowing that their money will go further than it would in other destinations. Bangkok remains the number one tourist destination in the country but this is not for everyone. Over on the East Coast, upon the Gulf of Thailand you will find Pattaya. This resort welcomes millions of tourists and travellers every year but the pace of life is very much different than what you would expect from the Thai capital.

Beaches are the main attraction of Pattaya holidays and there are beaches for every type of traveller or group. If you are visiting Pattaya with your family, taking a trip to Jomtien Beach will be the most pleasurable destination. This beach is fun but is a lot more relaxed than some of the other beaches in the area. It is a fact that many people associate Bangkok with a party atmosphere and if this is what you are looking for, Pattaya Beach is the place to be. This is an extremely crowded beach, making it perfect for people watching. The many bars on the beach help to create the party atmosphere and if you want to get involved with jetskis or other high powered activities, the option is there. No matter what sort of beach holiday you are keen to find in Pattaya, you will find it.

Life in Pattaya is not just about the beach though, there are plenty of other diversions too. You will be able to enjoy daytrips to various island groups and if you are a keen golfer, you will find the fact that there are over 20 golf courses on the island to be fantastic news. Then again, you may be too busy sleeping during the day after sampling the wild night life that can be found in Pattay. While the number of families visiting this resort are on the increase, it remains a place where the real action begins when the sun goes down.


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