See the world with the Lumix TZ40

I have just finished watching a rather brilliant little video all about the newest Panasonic Lumix – the TZ 40 model.  It really sold the TZ 40 as the perfect camera for travelling with so that you always have the pictures that make the memories of your adventures come alive.  It had a very poppy, summery kind of soundtrack and was an animation showing a young couple at a variety of different locations, showcasing the camera’s various technological advancements.

The Panasonic Lumix TZ 40 is shown in the cute little video to not only be very compact, an ideal quality when looking for a holiday camera, but also capable of taking the most amazing HD shots.  The advert clearly shows the couple making use of the 20 x optical zoom and 24 mm ultra-wide-angle LEIA lens which means you can pick up on the smallest detail in those big city backdrops or African rainforest greens perfectly.

One of the best things about this video is that it shows the truly awesome wireless and Bluetooth features of the camera.  The couple take pictures and then send them to their phone, so that they can post it on their favourite social media sites to share with their friends.  If that wasn’t enough, it even shows the couple using the camera to share photos directly via a wireless internet connection.  The couple then also share their location using the GPS on the camera.

The video made me want to get off my chair, go to the local electronics store and buy the thing – it was that appealing!  I can imagine the sales of the camera sky rocketing off the back of that advert alone!  Anyone who is going on holiday this year should take a look at this video, you won’t regret it!

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