Serengeti National Park

In every human being there IS a nature lover and every one of us wants to get away from our boring routines and spend some time very close to the nature. One of the best examples of such places is Serengeti National Park located in Tanzania. Serengeti National Park is famous for its diversity of wildlife. The park is the largest wild life conservation area in Africa and receives more tourists than any other African national park. Chief reason of this popularity among visitors is the dedicated role Serengeti National Park has played in wildlife conservation. The term Serengeti has originated from Massai word meaning “endless plains” this is because major area of the park is vast Savannah consisting of grassy plains.

Serengeti National Park is mainly approached through wildlife safari. The tourists can select from a list of safari tours provided by different travel agencies. But once you reach Serengeti you will definitely forget about everything else in the world. The park is most famous for the great migration. The annual migration of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles in a mega herd consisting of over one and a half million animals. This migration is the largest migration land mammals in the world. The most spectacular and worth watching moments of this migration are when the mega herd crosses the Grumeti River. Many animals lose their life in this crossing. Lions are the major predators of wildebeest and zebras. These big cats rule the Serengeti National Park. On a safari trip you can see a lion hunting a zebra or resting with the pride under the shadow of a tree. Other major predators of the park are leopard and cheetah. If you are lucky you can watch a cheetah chasing a gazelle at a speed of 70 miles/hour. Leopards live in the tree and mostly hunt at night. Serengeti National Park is also famous for its African elephants, black rhino and African buffalo. These animals though included in the list of endangered species are very safe and protected in the Serengeti National Park. Other animals like hyena, wild dog impala, giraffe and birds like ostrich are also a key part of Serengeti ecosystem. The Grumeti River and the Mara River are home to the famous Nile crocodile and hippos.
The wild safari can be enjoyed on a jeep or you can also have an aerial view of the Serengeti plains in a hot air balloon. This is the best part of safari where you can capture all the beauty nature can offer from the air without disturbing the animals. There are some Massai tribes living in the Serengeti National Park. You can visit one of the Massai villages while on safari.the accommodation in Serengeti mainly includes tented camps. There are also some bush lodges but the tented camping is most famous among the tourist. Imagine a night spent in Serengeti in a tent, sleeping among the wild animals, roaring of a lion, howling of the hyenas, the vast plains and the sky full of stars, away from the civilities of the modern world. Serengeti National Park safari offer you all you want from a wild trip full of adventurous experiences.

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