Skydiving Had Better Be on Your Bucket List

If you are considering skydiving and want to raise money for a charity that means something to you then a charity skydive is a great idea. Diving for a charity has a few awesome perks and makes perfect sense if you want to help a cause and be proud of the fact that you had to do something really challenging to raise awareness.

Skydiving has a massive influence on your life and after falling 15,000 feet why wouldn’t it? In those 60 seconds of free-fall and roughly 6 minutes of parachuting down to land you will be cementing the faith that everyone had in you and this is something you will be hard pushed to compare to in everyday life.

Many skydivers feel that the act of diving makes you feel like a God, you see the world from a different perspective and push aside all of your insecurities and perceived problems and see life from a different angle. Having this perspective on life will make everyday challenges seem easy and will make you aware of real issues that you are able to help support.

If you have children, a skydive is an excellent way to show them the act of helping less fortunate people- an undeniably positive quality to have which will make your children adopt some life skills that you will not regret instilling. If you and your partner want to share a moment and both dedicate to raising money for a charity then a tandem skydive would be a perfect way to do this plus your kids will think you are seriously cool!

A tandem skydive is not only good for making your kids think they have the coolest parents, it also brings you together as a couple and lets both you and your loved one raise money instead of just you. If raising money for a charity had ever felt boring then take a skydive and bring life to a charity you care about.

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