Summer Holidays End – Holiday Prices Fall

The month of September marks the closing of the summer holiday season and with it, the prime time holiday prices. With all the children heading back to school, the prices of holidays, foreign and domestic drop dramatically which great is news for late sun seekers is hoping to catch a glimpse of the golden glow before the nights draw in and autumn tightens its grasp on the climate.

Many holiday makers are making the most of what Britain has to offer in the late summer thanks to our recent spout of, ‘Indian Summers’, which has seen a better late than never style of sunny days.

With the current British holiday trend pointing towards staying domestic, our own holiday making culture has grown to deal with it, especially within the outdoor holiday arena.

Britain is home to around 33 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) all of which are really worth a visit if you can get away.

The Peak District

The Peak District really is the place to go if you are looking for an action packed holiday. There are various sports and activities to fill your late summer holiday such as fishing, water sports, rock climbing, walking, cycling, caving and horse riding. After a long day in the great outdoors you will need a cosy place to rest your head and what better than one of the characteristic holiday homes? Cottages in Derbyshire are available from


Cornwall boasts various AONB’s many of which are located on its stunning coastline, famous for water sports, most significantly, surfing. There are many surf schools waiting new students and if you visit in the late summer you can appreciate the sea at its optimum temperature and due to the busy season being finished, you won’t have to share the waves with hundreds of other surfers.

The Northumberland Coast Line

If your thoughts are cast a little more northern, there really is nowhere like Northumberland, its historic coast line is littered with attractions steeped in intrigue and ancient culture. Some of the more famous attractions include Bamburgh Castle, Holy Island, Lindisfarne and the historic fishing town of Berwick upon Tweed, famously scarred by its constant change between the hands of the Scottish and English in years gone by.


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