Switzerland – Travel Guide

Blessed with abundant mountains, romantic getaways, scenic drives, and plush cities, Switzerland is the ultimate honeymoon destination for many hopeless romantics around the world. Whether it is exploring the wonderful promenades in Zurich, wandering idyllically in Gstaad, or skiing at Arosa, a holiday in Switzerland is sure to take your breath away.

Switzerland is one of those very few nations in Europe that are not part of the Euro Zone and so you will have to ensure you have your local currencychanged prior to coming here at a proper currency converteroutlet to ensure the best deal. If you are running short of local currency once there, it is possible to visit one of the many Travelex stores in Switzerland for really hassle freecurrency exchange. We recommend having a look at their site before you travel.

You are forgiven if you head straight to the Alps with your skiing gear after landing here, but we urge you to spend some quality time exploring the various museums that add to Switzerland’s glory. Most museums are located in Zurich and Bern and they include the Museum Reitburg, the Swiss National Museum, the Paul Klee Collection, and the Fine Arts Museum. Moving to Geneva, you would find wonderful museums like the Red Cross Museums and Art Galleries with abundant relics. A visit to Lucerne would ensure a trip to the Lucerne Fine Art Gallery and the Swiss Transport Museum here. All these are marvellous and deserve a visit.

Located on the Lauterbrunnen Valley of the Alps, Murren is a secluded spot with a few chalets and miles of vibrant countryside for you to enjoy. The views here are spell bounding and the dramatic sunsets leave you amazed. For decades, Murren has been a favourite honeymoon spot. Gstaad is another quintessential holiday spot but highly expensive, and home to the stylish celebs that come here to spend winters from across the world. Verbier is a French province in the Alps with spectacular ski slopes and worth a visit. If you are looking for a budget honeymoon spot in the mountains, try Arosa with its unparalleled views and splendid skiing taverns.

Zurich is flanked by the Alps and contains fine boutiques and haute couture in the centre of the city. The economic muscle of Zurich is powered by its extensive banking system (subject to controversy at times too), but makes the city rich, luxurious and a snazzy place to let your hair down. Whether it is the Landesmuseum, the ZunfthausZurMeisen, a landmark, or the Fluntern Cemetery, there is no dearth of suave sightseeing places to visit in Zurich. The Zurich Toy Museum, the Zoological Gardens, and the Botanical Gardens are other places in Zurich that deserve a visit before you head back.

Switzerland is incomplete without its souvenirs that most tourists get from the country. You would need local currency to get chocolates, watches, clothes, and bags from Switzerland. With many Travelex currency converter stores in the country, you seldom would have to grapple with foreign exchange hassles while on your trip here.

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