Take A Break In France & Enjoy The Best Of French Cuisine

If you are thinking about traveling to France this year, then perhaps your stomach is leading you there. French cuisine is so highly regarded it now appears on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The art of cooking is certainly taken seriously in France itself, and many chefs around the world come to France to master the art of French cuisine.

Traveling to most parts of France is very easy. The Eurostar train service regularly runs throughout the day. It can take you to Paris from many other parts of Europe including England. There are many airports to choose from throughout the country too. For the Mediterranean hotspots, you could even charter a private Yacht.

If you are staying in France with the hope of sampling as much food in France as you can, then you should consider a luxury villa. You can then take advantage of a top of the range kitchen to try your hand at some of the best French recipes. By using the finest locally sourced ingredients fresh from the farmer’s market, you can taste French food the way it is meant to taste.

You might want to spend an evening in the city taking a class from a master chef. Or why not enjoy one of France’s amazing restaurants to taste how the professionals do it? Lunch is served for two hours in the middle of the day. It is a good time to sit and enjoy some amazing food. French food should be savored slowly. Enjoy it with a glass of French red wine and some excellent company.

There are several different styles of cuisine served in France. Nouvelle Cuisine remains very popular among tourists. It was introduced in the late 1970s as a way to lighten the dishes served. Portions are much smaller, although they look amazing with their decorations and presentation. There are few heavy sauces served. Seasoning is where much of the flavor comes from.

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For a traditional French dish, you can expect creamy sauces and lots of it! Dishes are rich, filling, and full of exquisite flavors. Red wine, or occasionally white will be served with the meal. The wines are usually local and chosen specifically for the flavor to enhance the taste of the meal. Desserts can be rich and creamy too.

Cheese is a firm favorite with meals. It is served as a dessert course after the meal. Bread and crackers may accompany the cheeses. But many types of cheese are served alone on a board with some grapes and wine. Despite the use of dairy and fatty foods, France remains one of the healthiest nations in the world. Their love of food may be something to do with it. Mealtime is important, and snacking doesn’t often happen.

While you are in France, try to find a couple of good restaurants. You might like to sample a range of dishes from a traditional menu. Alternatively, why not try some Cuisine du terroir. These regional dishes have proven popular beyond their area of origin. Dishes like Ratatouille from Provence and Crepes from Brittany are global favorites. Have a go at cooking some French food while you are there too. Bon Appetite.

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