Taking a City Break in Amsterdam

Planning a city break in Amsterdam is exciting for anyone who loves to travel. Amsterdam is filled with an amazing culture whether you prefer dining on authentic Dutch cuisine, shopping or enjoying a night out on the town, Amsterdam won’t disappoint. No matter what you choose to do on your city break in Amsterdam, planning your trip with travel insurance is an important necessity.


With over 1,000 restaurants located in Amsterdam, you won’t be able to miss out on feasting on some delicious Dutch cuisine. No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for while you dine, you’ll be able to find it. From traditional, to fine dining or a taste of international cuisines, every restaurant has something to offer you. The Leidseplein area has some of the most traditional restaurants, cafes and coffee shops at excellent prices with great food on top of that.

Reguliersdwarsstraat is the perfect area for people who are looking for fine dining in Amsterdam. You’ll be able to enjoy international dishes in the Albert Cuyp area including Turkish, Kurdish, Assyrian and even Cambodian dishes.


No matter what kind of items you’re looking for on a shopping trip in Amsterdam, you’ll be able to find it in their shops and markets. Luxury items can be found off the street PC Hooftstraat which includes the popular but expensive brands including Gucci, Cartier, Edgar Vos and Oger. The markets are intended for people who are looking for spectacular discounts on clothes, food and many other items.

Waterlooplein is the most popular flea market in Amsterdam with around 300 stalls dedicated to putting their items on display for you to purchase. Many other small shops can be found around Amsterdam but if you’re looking for some good bargains, stopping by the Jordann is the best option.

Reading also plays an important role in many Dutch peoples’ lives so you’ll be guaranteed a plethora of bookshops with cafes for you to sit back and enjoy your favourite novel with a cup of delicious coffee.


The nightlife in Amsterdam is unbelievable from the music to clubs, theatre performances and casinos; you’ll have a memorable night that’ll last a lifetime. Amsterdam is one of the biggest party cities in all of Europe but they’re especially known for their theatres and impressive orchestra. The music scene appeals to everyone and includes genres such as rock, rap, pop, electronic and many more. Some of the most well-known clubs in Amsterdam are Escape, Paradiso, Jimmy Woo and Studio 80 which usually party on until 5am on the weekends. The atmosphere is crazy and everyone is looking to have a good time but if you’re looking for a more tranquil evening, paying a visit to the Amsterdam theatre is the best way to go or if you like to gamble, the Max Euweplein is an excellent place to stop by if you enjoy casinos and are willing to test your luck.

Travel Insurance

Endsleigh travel insurance is the perfect option for anyone who is a frequent traveler and fan of city breaks. Travel insurance is an important part of preparing yourself for any trip away from home because you never know when any unexpected occurrence will set you back whether it’s lost luggage, cancellations or any medical expenses that might occur before or during your city break. Travel insurance from Endsleigh can be purchased for either a single trip or annually if you’re planning to spend up to 42 days of the year travelling. Preparing for the unexpected is always important especially during travel because you never know what might happen.

City breaks in Amsterdam are a fun way to escape from home and enjoy the culture of the Dutch people through their cuisine, shopping and nightlife. No matter what interests you, you’ll be able to find many attractions that’ll make you want to come back for more and if that’s the case, don’t forget about your travel insurance just in case. Amsterdam’s reputation is off the charts as a popular destination for city breaks but there is a lot of petty crime that no one would want to be a victim of but being prepared will save anyone from a huge headache.

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