Taking your trailer on Holiday

Great value family fun

With the cost of foreign travel rising and the recession hitting the pockets of UK homes, we are looking for ways to save money without cutting back on much need luxuries such as holidays.  Everyone needs a break from the norm and a holiday is the best way to give a family a time off from everyday life.  A great way to cut down on expense is to look at taking a holiday closer to home.  The UK has some beautiful costal holiday spots, rural countryside and conservation areas. Camping holidays are brilliant fun and come to a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

One of the great benefits of holiday close to home is that you are then able to drive to your destination which cuts down on expensive travel costs.  You can travel by car and then ferry to many great holiday destinations.  If you are planning on camping or planning an active holiday with cycling or canoeing then a great idea is to invest in a trailer giving you great extra space.  Trailers for camping trips are the most practical way to carry all the large camping equipment you will need.  If a family of four is going away for a week then luggage alone can take up the boot space, the trailer can then hold the tent and additional camping equipment such as chairs, camping stove and even durable foods like tins that won’t damage.  If you are off “glamping” then your trailer is the perfect way to carry all the extra luxuries!

The National Trailer Company – Indespension Trailers  has a fantastic range of great trailers that are perfect for taking on holiday.  They have a selection of size trailers so you can chose one that suits your needs.  For example, the Daxara Buddy 1 is the perfect small trailer, 2’11 by 3’7, it can carry 245kgs and is just £234.95.  With camping holidays there is an initial expense with purchasing all the necessary equipment but the ultimate long term saving makes it really good value.


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