The Best Restaurants in Naples

If you’re going to Italy, then you’ll almost certainly want to take advantage of the sensational dining options available there. As well as getting involved in the local cultures and seeing the sights, the food will probably be the highlight of your trip.

This is particularly true in Naples, where professionals take their cooking very seriously. The competition for customers is tough, which means you have a plethora of high quality choices. If you’ve never been to the city before, here are a few places you should check out.


Possibly the best thing to ever come out of Italy, besides the piano, Ferraris and Andrea Pirlo, is of course pizza. It is a food favourite in many parts of the world, and we have the Italians to thank for it. If you’re in Naples then you’re going to need to try some authentic, local pizza.

Sorbillo is widely thought to make the best in the country – and therefore surely in the world – so you couldn’t have picked a better city to visit in this regard. Located in the heart of Naples, Sorbillo offers a wide menu or simple or elaborate – but always delicious – dishes.

Palazzo Petrucci

Despite being relatively new (it opened in 2007), Palazzo Petrucci has established itself as one of the must-visit restaurants in central Napoli. It’s innovation in reinventing traditional dishes in exciting ways has drawn praise from critics and locals alike, allowing it to flourish despite the tough competition nearby.

As you would expect in a city close to the Mediterranean Sea, Palazzo Petrucci specialises in sea food. Head chef Lino Scarallo has been present since the opening and consistently delivers high-quality food, from starter to dessert.

Friggitoria Vomero

Not strictly-speaking a restaurant, but Friggitoria Vomero represents a whole other world of cuisine in Naples – that which is served on the street. Fried foods are sold by locals from stalls all around the city, and make for a cheap alternative to restaurants. But don’t be fooled, the quality is truly excellent.

Friggitoria Vomero is considered to be the best there is, with a wide range of sensational options. Panzarotti (potato croquettes), arancini (breadcrumb-covered fried rice balls) and calzoni (pizza dough with a number of available fillings) are local favourites – they’ll give you a great insight into Napoli culture.


A smaller eatery, but this family-run restaurant has a warmth and friendliness that can sometimes be lost in the bigger, busier establishments. Umberto has been around for nearly a hundred years, passed down from generation to generation, but it retains the same traditions that it started out with – tasty classic dishes.

All of your Italian favourites are available – spaghetti and pizza – while there are also a variety of seafood items on the menu. If you’re a fan of fine wine, then you’ll also be delighted to see that Umberto’s selection rivals the very best of Italy, for a truly wonderful dining experience.

Il Transatlantico

The great thing about II Transatlantico is that, not only is it a fantastic place to eat, but it’s based at the foot of one of Naples’ most prestigious sights – Castel Dell’Ovo – the oldest castle in the city. It also overlooks the sea, with a giant window that allows customers to gaze out across the Mediterranean as they tuck into their food.

As you might have guessed, this is another restaurant that prides itself on traditional fish-based dishes. If you’re a seafood fan then you’ll certainly not want to miss a trip to II Transatlantico, but as it’s also a hotel, there are a number of breakfast options also worth checking out.

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