The essential gap-year checklist

Heading off on a gap year soon and don’t know how to get organised for the exciting times ahead?

Don’t panic – you’re not alone if so because it’s very common for people about to go travelling to be for forgetful in the clamour to get ready to jet off around the globe.

Fear not, though, as here, courtesy of, is an essential gap-year checklist to make sure you take everything you need with you on your big adventure.

The backpack essentials…

  • Passport. Check if it’s still valid and whether it will be for the duration of your trip.
  • Travel documents. Don’t forget them and it may be worth making a copy of them just in case. It’s always best to play it safe.
  • Emergency contact details. There are loads of telephone numbers that may come in handy while you’re away in case of emergency – from your bank to family members.
  • Mini first-aid kit. Never leave home without one.
  • Wash bag. Fill it with travel-sized products as you can always buy full-sized products when you arrive at your intended destination.
  • Money. Check to see if there are prepaid credit cards available designed especially for travel that mean you won’t be carrying around large amounts of money.
  • Clothes. Research is important when it comes to packing items of clothing. It’s vital to travel light, so keep clothes and shoes to an absolute minimum and take travel wash so you can clean your clothes.
  • Mobile phone. Keeping in touch while on the go abroad can cost a fortune. Try and find a phone tariff that’ll work out the cheapest and don’t forget to take a charger and travel plug adapter.
  • Entertainment. Long hours of travel can be incredibly boring. Take some sort of entertainment with you, but try and leave expensive belongings at home, or at least be careful how you transport it around.

Other essentials….

  • Immunisations. Do you need any injections for where you’re going? If so, have you had them yet?
  • Medication. Stock up before you go. Do you also need other items such as mosquito nets, malaria tablets?
  • Insurance. Travel insurance is a must because anything could happen to your belonging and travel plans that are out of your control. Protect yourself against the unexpected.




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